New Xbox Hinted at in Microsoft Job Listing

A job listing on that recently popped up during all the craziness this week has revealed that, “in the next 18 months” there’s going to be a whole new line of Microsoft products rolling out which could potentially include a whole new Xbox release. The job listing says specifically what the new employee will be working on, which is including a year and a half of efforts into a completely new collection of interfaces for Microsoft hardware. There’s one problem with that though. That does not mean there’s an Xbox 720 coming in under 2 years, it could only mean that there’s going to be a huge software update.

You’ll have to take our word for it, but the job listing has actually been taken down by Microsoft, perhaps with all the news coverage it was getting, it may have been just a little bit to revealing for them.

What we currently understand is that Microsoft is looking for someone that is willing to be part of adding onto their electronic empire. We all know that Windows is on its way and thus, Windows Phone 8 is rising up too. It’s also been confirmed that the next version of Microsoft Office is on its way to consumers this season too. What isn’t confirmed is this new Xbox console.

“Over the next eighteen months Microsoft will release new versions of all of our most significant products including Windows (Client, Server, Phone and Azure), Office and Xbox.” – Microsoft job listing

There have been numerous hints at a supposed new Xbox and we actually finally have a accidental reveal of it. While it isn’t official we can definitely by the above job listing, that Microsoft is planning on releasing a new Xbox into their line of products. While it does not say when, you can see that they are actively looking for people to work on it and if Microsoft’s history counts for anything, they’ve already been actively working on it.

Earlier this summer we sat that Microsoft quickly was mentioning a “new Xbox.” After asked for them to comment on that, they were quick to turn around and assure the public that it will only be a software update that will be postponed. It’s obvious they don’t want anyone to know about the product currently, so if asked again, they’ll probably say the same thing. I’m sure we’ll be seeing another console from them, especially with the leaked Project Durango photos.

If anything, even a major software update would be nice to see. Still, that won’t compensate for how quick the Xbox 360’s hardware is falling behind. If they don’t release something in a decent amount of time, I’m sure they’ll be seeing a significant drop in their users due to the PC currently being the better of the two choices.

Have you switched over the PC gaming because of the Xbox 360’s hardware falling behind? Let us know in the comments below, we’d like to know your opinion on it!

As always, we’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on upcoming news on this topic.