New Sony TV Will Have Four Times Higher Resolution Than The Best HDTV

When HD TVs were first introduced, they offer four times the resolution of the standard TVs that preceded them. With Sony’s announcement last 29 August, the industry is on the road to repeat the same pattern.

Sony executives revealed that U.S. stores will begin receiving the new TV sets by December. The said TVs will have much higher resolution that the best current high-definition TVs. With four times more resolution, the new set will have a diagonal measurement of 84 inches, making it four times larger than the common 42-inch TV set. Price quotes will be announced next week.

Called a 4KTV because of its supposedly four times resolution advantage over current HDTVs, this new set is regarded as the next generation in TV technology. It will have a resolution of 3,840×2160 pixels. That means it has more or less 4,000 pixels on the horizontal edge. Industry-speak, the more the pixels, the easier it is for TV makers to make bigger screens wihtough sacrificing sharpness.

At this time, there are very limited video content that can fully optimize this type of TV but with some advanced knowledge, a common computer connected to the set can project a video that can take advatage of the higher resolution. Sony said their new set will also try to “upscale” the video being played for a more enhanced display.

Sony is an established maker of digital projectors using the 4K technology designed for movie theaters.

Sony’s move is a bold step to prod consumers to upgrade their current HDTVs, especially with the relatively weak sales of HDTVs when it was first introduced. 3D sets have also proven to be not too attractive fro consumers.

Apple has already tried to increase the resolution of its phones and tablets starting with its iPHone 4 about 2 years ago. This year’s releases of iPads and MacBooks also saw quadrupled resolution screens. It is expected to be the trend for other companies in the industry as well.

source: foxnews

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