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New iPhone Already Has An Android Replica

Those members of the iCult may have September 12th marked out as they’ll be sitting outside of AT&T stores waiting to get their new iPhone 5, but those that are longing to interest some of those members may just want to take a look at Goophone’s new iPhone knockoff. This so-called Goohpone I5 will be taking the iPhone design that’s been revealed in small various leaks over the past few months, and puts some of the Android-powered hardware into it. I would highly suggest staying away if your allergic to your iPhone touching your Android.

What sort of hardware is in the iPhone is currently unknown for now. All NoWhereElse, a french website, was able to determine about the device is that is sports a 3.5 inch display instead of the 4 inch panel.¬† That’s not to say that some of those craft Chinese shanzhai artists aren’t committed to creating a super stellar knockoff of the device for Android users. Some of the few images of the I5 that have been leaked reveal Goophone’s latest effort that shows a striking resemblance as to what the new iPhone 5 is expected to look like, but if you look at Goophone’s track record, this striking resemblance is far some any sort of surprise.

Despite the completely crazy name, Goophone has been making some pretty impressive phone clones these past few years. There’s the One S knockoff called the Goophone X1, and no one could forget the complete and total knockoff on the iPhone 4S. While I’m not a huge fan of knockoff’s it’s pretty hard to make some good looking faux phones without a bit of appreciation for how nice these guys have ripped off some other companies’ designs. I’m actually kind of surprised that no one has gone as far as to sue the company yet. But hey, all the more power to them. So far, there’s been no word as to when this really nice fake will start pouring our of factories in Shenzhen, China, but my money is on the company making the debut soon after Apple makes their big announcement in the coming weeks.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the device does in China, and since it will most obviously have a better price tag than the iPhone, there’s no doubt in my mind that consumers over in China will be looking into getting this iPhone knockoff. What I find really funny is that it’s called the I5, which if you thought about it, it could be really close to the iPhone 5. That said, who knows if it’ll even make it outside of Goophone’s factories. I’m no expert in Chinese marketing, but I doubt Apple would let this one go.

Does this device look interesting at all? Would you be interested in getting an Android phone that looks like an iPhone? While I do like the iPhone’s look, lately I have been really fond of the Galaxy S III’s design and more so on the Sony Xperia lineup design.

Any thoughts?

source: TechCrunch

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