New info on Heroes of Order & Chaos Online

Gameloft has been releasing some pretty cool games lately. To name a few, The Dark Knight Rises and Asphalt 7 were really good games that were more recent releases. Today, the company has revealed a few details about their upcoming multi-player online battle arena (commonly known as a MOBA) game, Heroes of Order & Chaos. The game is going to be free-to-play following the tradition of most MOBA games. If you’ve ever played the popular League of Legends on the PC you’ll have a very good idea of what Heroes of Order & Chaos will look like. Not only that, but you may just be excited for the game too, I personally am. Though, I do have mixed feelings about it. It seems like a MOBA would be really odd to play on a touchscreen.

Essentially players are going to join together in the form of teams (3 to 5 players) to battle other teams with the same goal; destroy the enemies base and claim victory. Yep, it really is a lot like League of Legends. Players are going to be able to control the NPC characters as they push their forces through the map, destroy towers, collect loot, and help the player level up and increase their skills. The arena will have three lanes, a river and landmarks. Yeah, it really is League of Legends, except for Android devices. Again, it sounds cool, but I’m not so sure about it.

Gameloft has promised that Heroes of Order & Chaos will boast of thirty heroes that will be available for players to use in the arena, with six heroes available per week. The heroes in any given week will rotate, but players will be able to purchase the heroes that aren’t available that week. This is a lot how League of Legends does things, so it’s not doubt that they are almost doing a direct copy off of that game. I kind of wonder if we’ll see a lawsuit from Riot Games towards Gameloft, from what we’re hearing about Gameloft’s game, it sounds like a direct copy off of League of Legends with new assets.

Since Gameloft developes games for Smartphones and Tablets, it’s only obvious that the company would have to brainstorm some new ideas in creating a control scheme for players. MOBA’s are specifically designed for the PC or Xbox 360, not a touchscreen. That said, Gameloft has added in a virtual thumbstick for the left hand and used to control the player’s character. The right hand will have access to attack buttons and hotkeys for abilities and actions that will line up with the right hand edge of the screen. Gameloft has also introduced a few new features to address the controller-less device, such as an auto attack option and a lock on target option. This will allow players to continue their attacks while checking up on whats going on in the mini-map. I personally don’t see this game being competitive at all. In fact, I’d be very surprised to see that.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2012 on Android and iOS.

source: IGN