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New Hands-On Impressions of BlackBerry 10 OS Show Promise


The BlackBerry 10 OS is all RIM talks about these days and rightly so, given that they have their hopes of survival riding on it. And it seems like the company has made substantial progress in its development with the official launch still a few months away. According to Mobile Syrup which visited the BlackBerry Jam event in Waterloo where BlackBerry 10 was showcased, the first impressions of the new OS show promise. Most of the BB 10 products shown off at the event was said to be close to make the final cut or at least nearing completion. It is believed that the touchscreen works flawlessly with the slightly out of the ordinary aspect ratio. The OS apparently is much more fluid than it was a few months ago when the company handed over the Dev Alpha devices. The touch keyboard on the BB 10 smartphone was praised which is vital since BlackBerry devices are known for their hardware keyboards more than the onscreen touch keys.

So overall it can be said that RIM is making progress in terms of OS development. RIM also had some nice words for the developers, with its “$10,000 guarantee” promising at least $10,000 in revenue from the BlackBerry certified apps in the first year. RIM is confident in getting plenty of compatible apps ready in time for launch, so developers can begin working in full swing. So as of now, it seems like RIM has all the bases covered. What we do not see here though, is how exactly RIM will market the device because as we all know the first BB 10 device will be a touch only smartphone. The QWERTY BB 10 smartphone will follow in about 4-6 weeks from the launch of the first BB 10 handset.

RIM has received a lot of bashing from critics and shareholders alike. Since BlackBerry 10 is supposed to be the company’s Hail Mary pass, something extraordinary is expected. The first hand usage experience suggests that RIM has met the expectations to some extent in almost all areas. With still plenty of time in hand for the Canadian manufacturer to improve the OS, it goes without saying that the developers would want to improve the usability further. RIM expects to convince millions of existing BlackBerry users to make the switch to the new OS. Only time will tell how that works out for the company.

Source: Mobile Syrup
Via: Pocketnow

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