New Firefox 15 Features Awesome Support For Casual Gaming

Firefox will get another facelift as Mozilla announces today the release of the 15th installment of the popular browser.  The open source browser features several significant improvements like  new development tools and support for state-of-the-art Web standards that allows sophisticated gaming experiences…and more. The new browser will also bring a more enhanced browsing experience as it optimizes its memory requirements to give speedier response to users relying on many add-ons.

Any modern browser today using common standards for Web technologies strives to deliver a wide range of functionality including enhanced supportability for interactive multimedia experiences that used to be the domain of native applications or plugins only. The big browser vendors today aim to incorporate a range of capabilities to allow their browser to enable game development.

Mozilla is certainly one of the most interested parties to work on relevant features that includes allowing a fullscreen mode, sophisticated real-time audio mixing, and mouse-locking capability, to name a few. During one of this year’s browser updates, Mozilla displayed  its real-time multiplayer game named BrowserQuest to show to the world how HTML 5 can be used in a Web browser. Although the launching of the said game hardly stirred any significant news overall, the display demonstrated that open Web has a great potential to compete in today’s casual gaming market.

The new Firefox 15 now supports compressed textures in WebGL, which means the browser will not overtax the video memory when playing high-resolution videos. Firefox 15 also  supports faster APIs (Application Programming Interface) allowing more efficient game performance because it reduces latency, provides more streamlined animation, and nicely synchronized audio.

A good example what the improvements this new browser brings can be found by playing the 3D fps game called BananaBread demo.  The game shows some interesting but otherwise not so known features developed using WebGL like pointer lock, compressed textures, and fullscreen support. The game itself was created using WebGL port and JavaScript of the game engine employed by Cube 2: Sauerbraten.

The game demo presents three maps full of bots. A fun game that offers a wide variety of weapons, it also allows a user to customize the number of opposing bots, as well as switch between first and third person perspectives. As an added value to the game, the engine can be modified in edit mode to allow more fun maneuvers like the ability to fly over the map and change the current level.

source: ars


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