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New Dolphin Engine for Dolphin Browser Beta is up for Android

What’s your favorite browser in desktop? Probably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is on the top choices for everyone. But how about when you’re using a mobile device? May it be in iOS or Android platform, everyone will always prefer Dolphin Browser.

Dolphin Browser Beta with new engine is now available for Android to be able to cope up with the expected browsing speed for every user who is using mobile devices in using internet. Performance issues always lies ahead after Google launched their mobile version of Chrome for the iOS platform and since then, mobile web browsing is on the hot-seat.

Some people believed that Google cannot access the Nitro JavaScript engine by Apple to have the ability in fast browsing experience when they launched Chrome on iOS, this is a fact that is relevant to all third-party developers in iOS platform. However, the developer of Dolphin Browser for Android just recently released an updated version of the app which features a redesigned engine on the inside. Although the browser is still in Beta, surely it will offer a whole new experience to a higher level of web browsing technology to all Android mobile devices.

One of the most stable apps that Android has to offer with its users is the existing Dolphin Browser and the introduction and promise to enhance this web browsing experience gives more excitement to most users. An increase speed of up to 10 times the current version of Dolphin is what to be expected in the newly released browser. As HTML5 is now famous among up to date websites, it is proven that the new Dolphin browser scores high on test at since this new technology is very important that a browser should support this.

The latest Dolphin update is available for users who are currently using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean like the Nexus 7. Don’t worry if you are not running the Jelly Bean version of Android, because the developer is also making revamps and some stability enhancements for all devices running Android 2.3 and above.

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