New Amazon Social Game To Debut In Facebook

Tech giant Amazon is venturing into its untested waters as it enters the game-making market by announcing “Living Classics” as its first major social-game title.

Developed and published by the company’s Amazon Game Studios, the free Facebook game was unveiled by Amazon last 6 July, giving Facebook users another shot at a fun and high quality game.

Amazon Game Studios is the e-commerce giant’s new team aiming to offer creative and innovative games. Social gaming is currently a field dominated by fast-rising Zynga, the creator of the ridiculously popular Ville games such as Farmville and Words With Friends. But just like Facebook, Zynga is also struggling financially¬† to hold on to its shareholders after suffering setbacks since going public last December. Zynga’s stocks is stumbling and its share was priced @2.94 per unit last Monday.

Analysts and social gaming experts though do not see yet Zynga’s demise with Amazon’s entrance into the game-making game although Amazon can pose a a good rival if it can convince its large network of customers to support its games as well. Kindle users can also be targeted as potential customers for Amazon’s games in the future.

Amazon does not reveal its main motivation in entering social gaming but it does mentioned that many of its users like playing games, including free social games.

Living Classics is a casual literature-themed puzzle that targets adults and younger Facebook users alike.

The game presents users with jumbled illustrations of scenes taken from classic books. To earn points called coins and cash, users must fight with time to spot and click on moving objects on the screen. Different levels are provided to challenge players, with each level named after popular literature figures and characters like “Alice in Wonderland”, “King Arthur”, “Wizard of Oz”, and even famous pirates and generic themes such as haunted houses.

Just like any other Facebook game, Living Classics will give ample opportunity for gamers to play the game with friends. If the game hits big, it can mean big business for Amazon as it offers in-app purchases. The game employs its own currency. A dollar can let a user earn five units and a $100 gives 660. There are still no further details how this feature will work or how it can be spent.

Check out the new trailer at Youtube.

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