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Mystery HTC Tablet Poses for the Camera


It seems like HTC has some cool plans for the upcoming IFA event in Berlin with a new leak revealing what appears to be an HTC branded tablet. Courtesy of @evleaks on Twitter, these pictures look a lot like Apple’s iMac, but more on that later. This mystery HTC tablet has posed for a number of pictures revealing its unique form factor. The front is where most of the action happens, as there are some neat adjustments made to the standard tablet interface. The front camera is placed at the bottom unlike most tablets which also gives plenty of space for the user to hold the tablet. We however fear that it would look similar to the iMac when held at an angle, which makes it pretty vulnerable to a massive lawsuit from Apple, unless HTC makes some last minute tweaks. The tablet looks pretty real, so we doubt if there’s any photoshop work involved. There’s no way to make sure though.

The back of the tablet is pretty pleasant to look at with the HTC logo etched in the middle and the camera placed at the bottom (again). Maybe HTC has some neat tricks up its sleeve with the unique camera placement, which we’ll learn in a few days. The unique shape and the camera placement of the tablet is all we have for now, with additional specs or further info awaited. The IFA event isn’t long away from now, so we can probably get to see the tablet announced in a week’s time. The tablet is fairly slim as visible from one of the pictures, so don’t expect this to be a thick and bulky customer. It seems like HTC has used similar materials as in the One X which could prove vital in the device’s success.


Now for the tablet’s similarity to the iMac. While most might not see the similarity between Apple’s iMac and the tablet here, Apple will certainly make a note once the tablet is launched. Apple recently won a patent trial over Samsung, alleging the Korean company of infringing on its design patents. While the tablet’s similarity to the iMac is uncanny, we suspect people would actually confuse between the two. But it’s hard to expect Apple to use that logic before it inevitably files for a lawsuit. Let’s wait and see how the device fairs in the market. However, official confirmation is still awaited.


We’ve had unique looking tablets in the market before, with the dual screened Sony Tablet P on the top of the list. While this device from HTC might not win design awards for being different, a change is always welcome.

Source: Twitter (evleaks)
Via: Phone Arena

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