Mutant By Alawar Entertainment Review

Yes, the game is simply called Mutant. I wasn’t so sure about this game. A top down survival zombie shooter using touch controls sounded pretty weird to me. I really didn’t know how it all would work out either. I know a lot of companies are bent on taking PC Genre’s and turning them into a Android game with some really nice controls, but since I had heard a smaller company developed this game, I wasn’t very sure how it would all work out in the end. Upon playing the game, the control aren’t that bad, really. They do take a bit of getting used to, but after that they really aren’t that bad.

In fact, the controls are really good (again, after you get used to them). This game actually turned out to not be so bad, I was able to quickly get the hang of it and begin my massive zombie slaying massacre. There are many heroes, weapons, upgrades and equipment to choose from before heading on into the battlefield (no, the interface is nothing like Call of Duty). The amount of choices when it comes to weapons are pretty disappointing, but at the same time I found that the amount of heroes you had option to was crazy awesome. I ended up going with the telepathic warrior because he looked freaking sweet. Upon getting in the game I realized he looked like a clunky puppet (he was still pretty dang cool though). After messing around with my character a bit, I noticed that your very first mission you get a pretty lengthy introduction and tutorial to the game before you finally are able to begin dealing with the mass amount of zombies and mutant beasts in the world. It was a big longer than your standard introduction, but at the same time wasn’t so lengthy that I just wanted to figure everything out on my own.

The guys who created Shake Spears! actually created this game. You’ll notice that the overall quality of Shake Spears! is at the very least 1000x better than what is to offer in Mutant. Still, Mutant has a lot of content and detail in the game, so it should not be overlooked. There are bound to be tons of people that will love this game even though the overall quality could of been a whole lot better than it currently is.

As far as I know, there is no story in Mutant, which I found to be saddening. This game felt like the perfect set up for an epic zombie survival story on an Android device. No matter though, it’s still insanely fun to take flamethrowers, laser beams and crazy machine guns and blow up zombie after zombie, mutant after mutant. I don’t know what the satisfaction is with it, but it’s insanely fun and I rarely get bored and never have really payed any attention to what the clock slowly ticking down until your rescuers come. It’s still very possible to get bored with this game though, it may not be right a way or even a week from now. The game has enough substance to last a little bit, but for how long I don’t really know. Mutant definitely does not have what many other PC games boast of; replayability. In fact, after you get tired of using the OpenFeint social platform to compete with other players and you finally give up on trying to best your own score, this game is outright dull. But, until that point, there are a lot of fun factors to this game that I would love to cover. Not only that, but I’m sure many others would love to see what it’s all about. That said, let’s get right into it.


As I said earlier, I wasn’t that confident in the controls for a top down arcade-like shooter. Soon after playing it and getting used to those controls though, I found it to be very easy to pick up. You basically have virtual analog sticks on the screen that work really well and are actually responsive. I did notice that the virtual analog sticks really suck on the smartphone while on a tablet they are literally perfect. Placing could of been a tad better, but other than that, they are completely perfect.

So, what you’ll be doing once you install and enter the game is be put in a menu screen. From that screen you have two options (three, sort of). The first option is to select Missions mode with the second option being Survival mode. There is a third option, which is PvP Duel. That’s coming soon though and as it says, it’s going to be a PvP Duel. Which, if you didn’t know, is essentially online connectivity so you’re able to duel other players. The Missions mode is essentially a campaign. I realize I said that there is no story in this game, but the only story you’ll really be seeing is little background paragraphs to give you an idea of what a map looks like or a little background history on what your chosen character is all about (allow me to warn you that the character history backgrounds are very cheesy too It’s quite funny. Imagine a guy survives a nuclear attack, and is angry because it killed his government and now basically anyone involved in the attack is going to pay for it. Yep, standard cheesy movie story) That’s all you will be seeing though.

Upon selecting Missions mode you’ll be put at another screen, which essentially is just to choose your mention. Once you do that you are sent to another screen to choose your character. As I said earlier, I went with the Telepathist or better put as the “pissed off boyfriend.” There are a total of six heroes to choose from making things a bit more customizable. After that, there are four more heroes, but they are labeled as “coming soon.” When soon is, we don’t exactly know.

I really enjoy having six heroes to choose from though. It’s not your standard press play and start shootin’ up everything with a very generic character. After you select you’re character you’ll have to move over to the equipment tab and equip your hero with four different guns and bonuses. For guns, I chose the top four that were free to use instead of paying money for the bottom four which costs about $1 in USD currency. After choosing guns, I went over to the bonuses tab, selected the top four bonuses because the bottom four require money. Finally, you move over the upgrades tab, this allows you to upgrade your hero after every arena or match. You can choose to upgrade him with health points, running speed and etc.

I think as you have noticed, the customization of this game is fantastic. There are many different things you can use to customize weapons, abilities and just your general stats to either one, make the game go faster, or two get a pretty nice high score. Whichever you choose, the customization is still fantastic and I really hope the developers continue to expand upon the customization. I wouldn’t mind seeing some cosmetic outfits that would better suit a maniac who lost his girlfriend. In all seriousness though, cosmetic outfits would be cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gunner outfit from The Expandables 2 in there. Who knows if they’d  be able to pull that off due to copyright infringements and all though.

Okay, so after customizing all of that you are finally able to enter the game and begin your adventure in the world of mutant zombies where your task is to destroy everything! After clicking play, you’ll be taken to the game screen where it takes a bit to load before everything starts running smoothly. On the right hand side of the screen you have your guns and analog stick that points at where to fire. On your left hand side of the screen you have your upgrades to use along with the virtual analog stick that allows you to move. It’s all laid out very nicely and makes for some very smooth and overall fun gameplay. Fighting off the Mutants can be exhilarating sometimes as waves get harder and harder. And man, I really mean it when I say they get harder. The developers were definitely not looking to make this a Call of Duty Zombies remake.

As I said earlier, it’s hard at first to get used to the controls, but eventually after you pick them up things get pretty smooth. Thus allowing you to get a better score every time you play a map over again. If you want, you can even publish those scores on the OpenFeint social platform that keeps track of high scores for you. That said, if you’re a competitive player, you may just want to look into that sometime when your playing the game.

Survival Mode:

This mode I can tell you right now is absolutely crazy, insane and is pure madness. I couldn’t survive, I found it near impossible to survive for the five minutes they ask of you. The only thing that will help you is the off chance that you get super powers at just the right time or you can hire a friend to help you throughout the massive mutant invasion. Granted, you can only hire him when your health gets low and he only stays for a little while. That said, he’s not a whole lot of help, but if you’re in a sticky situation, it’s fairly easy to pull him out of your hat.

I have no idea what your survival rating is based off of in this mode. It could be how long you stay alive but it’s also very likely as to how many mutants you end up slaying as it seems to usually increase every time you kill a zombie or mutant. Other than that, I am not really sure as to how that all works out and all, and what your survival rating is really worth. Then again, that could be your score that gets published to OpenFeint. If so, I can only imagine how high people have gotten on OpenFeint (I am almost scared to look).

All that said, there really isn’t a whole lot to Survival mode. At its core it really is the same thing as the Missions but takes longer to finish and is ultimately based on how high of a score you get while the Missions aren’t so much based around that. I guess you could see Survival mode as a type of multiplayer mode until the PvP duels come out some time soon here (you aren’t playing with people, just publishing scores to compete). If you want, you aren’t required to publish your scores onto OpenFeint, it’s more of an optional thing that adds a bit more fun to the game if you’re looking for some serious competition. There are some people that really get into this game and get the highest score possible, publish it on OpenFeint and then compete with others to keep that top score, it’s all very fun if you’re into that type of stuff. If not then, well, OpenFeint probably won’t matter to you then at all.

So yeah, that’s basically the gameplay in a nutshell. It’s pretty fun, and I enjoy playing the game here and there. Like I said earlier, it definitely is not Shake Spears! in terms of its quality development. It’s still pretty fun though and deserves a play every once and a while. I wouldn’t really consider the gameplay and customization parts of Mutant the best part though. The graphics, sounds and upcoming features is what has given it’s shine and what will give it more shine.

I really think that the graphics and music make this game near perfect, which is why I will go into them in detail.


Alawar Entertainment did the most fantastic job with the graphics that I have ever seen in any zombie mutant themed game on Google Play. I can not even begin to explain the extraordinary detail that was put into it. Ok, actually I can, but they really are pretty amazing. Different arenas have different environments and aren’t the same thing over and over again. Each environment is new and either expands upon the other or just brings in a whole new theme into play. This is a nice thing to have to make sure that the game always has some unique areas. So far, I’ve gone through dessert like environments and then a few swamp like environments. It’s actually pretty cool and I am really enjoying the environments. Really looking forward to seeing more here as I continue on with the game.

You’re not going to find much realism in this game, you really aren’t. It’s a top down arcade shooter and that is what you should expect from it. That said, the game does have a lot better graphics than what you would see in an arcade shooter. But, my only issue with it is that they textures are not high resolution. I know, that’s a very low complaint to make compared to how good the rest of the game is. Still, High Res textures make a huge difference in PC games and I’ve noticed that they have made a even larger difference in Android games, which is probably due to the smaller screen along with some features in the Android operating system. That said,I love seeing High Res textures put into Android games like Shakes Spear!, it makes things a lot better visually. I was really disappointed to see that there were no High Res textures in Mutant, it would of made things stunningly gorgeous.

The game is still pretty good visually though. I still found it to be really nice. Sure, I have a few complaints about the lacking of High Res textures, but what it currently has is fine, I guess (I would still love for the developers to consider adding High Res to the game).  Either way though, the graphics are really good, but one thing that you may or may not want to consider is the amount of blood that pours out of the mutants after completely killing them with your arsenal of weapons. It’s definitely not something that kids should really be playing (as a personal opinion), but if you’re okay with that, by all means, let ’em. Its just a lot of blood that you may or may not want your kids to constantly be watching you play or them even playing.

One thing I also found is that as I was playing and constantly firing the gun, the flash from the gun wasn’t actually on the gun but instead it was flashing on the side of the gun. This was probably one of my weirder experiences in the entire game. At least they didn’t overdo the flash like some games have (that are mainly on the PC). I haven’t seen a whole lot overdo the flash on Android, but I have on the PC. Thankfully, the Android OS hasn’t been a victim of the blinding flash many developers like to do for some odd reason.

All that said, the graphics are nice, could use some work, but they are very nice for this type of game. I’m not sure what I really was expecting from this top down shooter as everything they did killed and predictions I had for it, in a good way though. I really can’t complain a whole lot either because it is a entirely free game too.


The music in this game is amazing. It is honestly probably one of the better tracks anyone will experience in any type of game. While Shake Spears! was also really good, Mutant boasts of another really awesome soundtrack. I’m really beginning to think that Alawar Entertainment really knows what they’re doing when it comes to making music for their games. So far, two of them that I have reviewed have been extraordinary. My only complaint is that the soundtrack isn’t that long, thus it loops around a lot. Aside from that I found it to be pretty good.

As for the sound effects themselves. They were really weird and really cool at sometimes. I actually found the gunfire to be more annoying than anything else in the game (yes, more annoying than the random gun flash being on the side of the gun and not coming from the nozzle of the gun). It conflicted heavily with the awesome background music, thus making things seem really obnoxious in the game. That’s just a personal opinion though, others might find the sound levels fine and not conflicting. It really depends on your taste, I guess.

One thing that I did notice is that the background music in the menus it was different than what the background music in the actual gameplay was. That was an enjoyable thing to hear as they mixed it up a bit and didn’t have the same track playing on and on. Uniqueness really felt like it was key in Mutant, and they did just that with both the sound and gameplay, particularly the sound. They’ve also proven that music has been really important to them in their other games by providing some excellent tracks.

Overall I thought the sound quality was fantastic aside from the minor complaint with the gun noises conflicting with the rocking background music. It was good and I did enjoy it. I do hope that continue to make some excellent tracks for the upcoming update they have for the game, but we’ll just have to see what happens with that. And by no means is the sound and music in this game perfect, it is still really good, especially from what I have seen from a lot of Android games.

That said, keep up the good work Alawar Entertainment!

Upcoming Update:

Alawar Entertainment is supposedly coming out with a pretty huge update for Mutant that will supposedly be introducing a PvP Duel feature. I have a few suspicions as to what this is, but I will get to that in a little bit. I’m not sure what else the update will be offering, but surely we’ll see some bug fixes and performance enhances as we see in most big updates to games. Both Shake Spears!, Where’s my Perry? and Angry Birds, all very popular titles, all got performance updates whenever they introduced new levels or more content. That said, we can only expect that we’ll be seeing the same thing with Mutant when Alawar finishes the update.

I have two suspicions for the upcoming PvP Duel mode. The first is that it’s going to allow us to fight on survival type maps with friends and/or family and they’ll most likely bump up how long it takes to finish the map too. This is most likely as from what I have seen, it’s been a wanted feature by many on some of the Google Play reviews. It’d be a cool feature to see, but at the same time, it’s most likely going to be something else.

What I really think the PvP Duel is going to be about is competing off in our separate arenas trying to get the highest score possible. Then, whoever comes out with the highest score will then win that sort of “duel” match. It could be that or we’re literally going to be facing off against each other. I think this is most likely as opposed to fighting off mutants with friends though. It’s what makes the most logical sense when it comes to how they named the mode.

In the next update, we’ll also probably be seeing those last four characters unlock. If not all of them, I would expect at least two of them to be finished up. It’s been sitting their saying “Coming Soon” for a very long time now, so I only expect that we’ll be seeing at the very least, two new characters to play as in any of the modes. As to why they are just sitting there labeled with “Coming Soon,” I don’t know. It may have been to decrease work for their next major update, but then again, adding a few images and slapping on the Coming Soon text isn’t that hard to do.

I’m kind of excited for the Fanatic to actually become available though. With the amount of bonuses he has along with what his Superpower is, he sounds really freaking cool. I can’t wait to see how he’ll do in some of the arenas. The Telepathist is already really cool and it almost seems like the Fanatic is a better version of the Telepathist. Who knows though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the update comes along.

Until then, the Telepathist will have to do.

Final Verdict:

After playing the game for quite a bit, I had a really fun time with it. Overall it was a fantastic top down arcade like shooter. It had just the right amount of exhilarating experiences, while providing a fun environment to play against other players in the OpenFeint social platform. If I were to sum up the game in one simple paragraph, I think the developers themselves did a fantastic job of doing that. Check it out:

Mutants are taking over a post-apocalyptic Earth, and there’s just one solution: Wipe them out! Choose to play as any of up to six characters, each with unique Super Abilities, unleash up to eight weapons on the slavering hordes and make use of up to seven bonuses that give you an advantage in battle. Between skirmishes, outfit your character with 16 implants and 20 equipment upgrades to create the ultimate mutant-killing machine. Be a lone hero in 24 single-player missions, join forces with other users in multiplayer mode and earn 22 achievements as you save mankind from a hideous threat. You have no guarantee of tomorrow unless you pick up your weapon and fight today!

While it’s easy to become critical of this game, the developers did do a fantastic job and really deserve more recognition than the wee amount of people that have reviewed and played their game(s). Alawar Entertainment has a lot of different games out, but among those games I think both Shakes Spear! and Mutant stand out the most. Both are very creative and deserve a whole lot more than what they have been given. That said, I would highly suggest checking out Google Play and giving the game a download. It’s not every day that you get to see a quality arcade shooter, now isn’t it?


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