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MSI announces the first Windows 8 certified AIO PCs

Microsoft recently set loose the RTM version of its next gen operating system, the Windows 8, to manufacturers.
“This means we’ve completed the product development and testing of the product and have started handing off the final code to our OEM partners,” said Microsoft’s communications manager Brandon LeBlanc. “They can now begin preparing new Windows 8 PCs and devices they’ll introduce starting with General Availability.”

Now, Taiwanese PC Vendor, Micro-Star International (MSI), has announced its all-in-one (AIO) PCs that will officially certified to boot Microsoft Windows 8 when launched, thereby making MSI products the world’s first All-in-One PC’s that are officially certified for Windows 8. The certified models are Wind Top AE2281G and the Wind Top AE2081 and their certification reports can be read over here and here respectively.

Both of these models are powered by 3rd Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor, the NVIDIA® GeForce® GT630M graphics card and a Multi-Touch display (optional). In order to ensure reliability, the manufacturer has given significant attention to build quality and has made use high quality Military Class components which should offer robust build quality with optimal lifetime during heavy conditions. Apart from that, MSI has included two high speed USB 3.0 ports with MSI Super Charger technology and four USB 2.0 ports which should ensure great connectivity options. The multi-touch display option is great because Windows 8 will work great on touchscreen devices.

MSI has clearly stated that both these systems will be included in Microsoft’s official Windows 8 upgrade program, where in which the users will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for just $14.99 until 31 January 2013, provided the users buy their systems after 2nd June of this year. Microsoft had previously announced that their new operating system will be available from 26 October. Microsoft Windows division president Steven Sinofsky addressed the media at an annual sales meeting that Windows 8 will be made available in 109 languages across 231 markets across world.

Though MSI is the first one to grab the certification for its systems, there is an army of manufactures out there, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and Toshiba, who are in the queue to get their share of certifications. These companies will be rolling out their lines of ultrabooks and tablets running the OS very soon.

The beta versions of Windows 8 looked very promising. Microsoft has implemented a new interface called “Windows 8 style UI”, which was previously called as “Metro Style UI” until it received a copyright infringement complaint.

“We have used Metro style as a code name during the product development cycle across many of our product lines,” said a spokesperson. “As we get closer to launch and transition from industry dialog to a broad consumer dialog we will use our commercial names.”

The Windows 8 style UI is very similar to Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5’s user interface, with the Start screen displaying live application tiles which are able to display notifications and updates. The UI is as fluid and responsive as the one on Windows Phone, so if you liked Windows Phone’s interface, you’ll love Windows 8. The operating system is touchscreen ready, in fact it has been designed primarily for touchscreen devices, hence such devices are ideal and can make maximum use of what Windows 8 has to offer. You can use gestures almost everywhere, and the software giant has made very good use of gestures, such as swiping in from the right edge of the screen will bring up a menu of options.

October will be surely a big month for Microsoft’s operating system and the Windows PC and tablet business. Since Microsoft is also launching a version of Windows 8 which supports ARM processors, the tablet game is all set to change. Which version of Windows are you using right now? Will you stick to that or upgrade to Windows 8? Let us know using the comment form below.

Company profile: MSI is one of the top three motherboard and video card manufacturers worldwide. Apart from these, MSI also manufactures an array of products including expansion cards, notebooks, barebone computers, car infotainment products, servers, and All-in-One PCs.

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