Motorola Mobility to Trim 20% of Its Workforce

Motorola Mobility that has been recently owned by none other than Google is getting ready to make some huge changes in the company. What kind of changes to be exact? Well, the changes starts from cutting down of the staff. Nearly 20% of the staff will lose their jobs, which accounts to roughly 4000 employees in the company. This is all because Motorola has been on a losing streak lately and Google wants to change that by emphasizing on making few quality products rather than producing dozens of cell phones every year. Hopefully, this strategy works for Motorola and it starts producing some quality smart phones.

If you are familiar with HTC, then you will know that this moves matches their move, which was to focus on less devices while offering overall better experience and top tire products to customers. This approach has worked wonders for the company HTC and although, it means that the company will be producing less low-end phones, but at least there will be usable quality in the manufactured phones.

The 20% cut in the Motorola’s job force will certainly be a big blow to the company and it will really need to prioritize its operations once again to run things smoothly. Moreover, one third of the employees that are being laid off, will be US based employees.

This is not the first time Motorola has done something in order to save operational cost. Recently, Motorola cut down their highly paid presidents and executives list by 40%. However, this is all in an effort to help the bottom line of the company that is actually making products and coming up with new ideas for the company. Google will also have to work its magic in this regard and help this company get back on its feet once again.

Thing will certainly start to come around in the town of Motorola with the PHOTON Q 4G LTE being their first phone that is coming with an unlocked boot loader.  According to the New York Times, Motorola will also be pouring in more efforts into its Asia and India division. At the same time, the company will be bailing completely on some of their most unprofitable markets. The company has not given any specific names of countries, which they consider as unprofitable.

Although, the company’s force cut is one third at the state side, but the company is said to be also increasing its R & D department and spending at various research locations in Chicago, CA, Sunnyvale, and Beijing, China. These are just a few changes that we are looking in the new Motorola at the moment, what is yet to come, can bring about more changes to the company, which may or may not mean loss of more employees, which seems to be a highly unlikely option from here on.

Google has taken control of Motorola now and once it is done making a few necessary changes in the company, it will start on the new devices, starting with the PHOTON Q 4G LTE smart phone.


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