Motorola Mobility Ready To Fire At Apple, Google May Just Be Backing The Lawsuit Big Time

Samsung and Apple are just finishing up their ongoing feud, but Motorola has decided to step up and enter the cage fight. Google’s newly acquired Motorola Mobility has filed a new case with the U.S International Trace Commission (ITC) on Friday, claiming that some features on Apple’s products are infringing on their patents. What’s interesting about the timing on this is that it is right after Google acquired them, thus adding thousands of patents to their arsenal. That said, it is essentially Google getting involved with their loaded arsenal of patents. Early we reported that Apple would not take Google head on, at least not just yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, the beast has been unleashed.

After having it’s whole case against Apple dismissed earlier this summer, Motorola (probably with a lot of influence from Google) has now requested an import ban on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac computers, claiming that their has been infringement on seven of its intellectual properties. Before going nuts about this, Apple had it coming to them after wanting to basically ban all Android products in the U.S. I’m almost sorry to say, but it seems like Apple’s decision is now back firing on them.

What’s really interesting is that the alleged infringing features are including Apple’s Siri voice recognition software along with e-mail notifications and the music/video player along with some location reminders.

Motorola Mobility has emailed the following statement:

“We would like to settle these patent matters, but Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license leaves us little choice but to defend ourselves and our engineers’ innovations.” 

Ah, good ‘ol Apple, once again, unwilling to work out a license just like with Samsung. The patents in question aren’t standards-essential, which basically means that Motorola isn’t obligated to license its patents under the reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing law (FRAND). Unfortunately, details of this claim aren’t fully available yet. The action is set for August 24th which is only a couple of days from now. That is when the commission will announce a final decision in the company’s previous case and possible place an important ban on the iPhone.

Here’s what’s interesting though. If HTC and HP were to get on the bandwagon with suing Apple, along with Samsung and Motorola, Apple would pretty much be dead within a month. Why? Well, if you look at all of HP’s palm patents, Apple would be so screwed over with them alone. Add in some of HTC’s patents and then pile it all on top of Samsung’s and Motorola’s, then just call it out the beast (Google) and we’ve got a done deal.

Honestly, I think we should just be throwing all the CEO’s in a large cage and have them fight to the death. The one who comes out a live (most likely Google) will be able to claim rights to all the companies that were in participation of the lawsuit. Sounds fair at all?

Anyway, this particular court case is rather interesting with Google just recently acquiring Motorola. Stay tuned with TheDroidGuy to get more updates on this upcoming feud.

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