Motorola Droid 4 ICS Update On Its Way!

Currently a lot of Motorola devices are awaiting the update to the proclaimed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Today is the day that the Motorola Droid 4 has finished it’s soak test procedure and is finally being pushed out to devices, at least for a few people. It’s not official as Motorola’s support page still is listed as “coming soon,” but there’s been various sources and reports that have announced the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich to the Motorola 4. I’m pretty curious as to why they think that small weak phone get’s the priority over my Atrix 2! Either way, it’s worth mentioning that the build of Blur has been updated to the same version that many saw in the RAZR’s Ice Cream Sandwich update. Here’s a few details about everything:

  • Device is enabled for Global Roaming.
  • Integration of new version of  Backup Assistant Plus.
  • Mobile IM has been removed.
  • Color for Facebook application is preloaded.
  • Enhanced Customer Support with Verizon Remote Diagnostics.
  • Improved Stability and connectivity with Email.
  • Successfully download and save ringtones.
  • Mobile Hotspot – Improved connectivity.
  • Reduced device resets and power cycling.
  • Camera quality has been improved for better pictures.
  • Improved My Gallery performance.
  • Voice Mail Notification shows the correct of unread messages.
  • Updated Mobile Hotspots Icon.
  • Visual Voice Mail shortcut on home screen changed to a standard voicemail shortcut.
  • Clear Contact pictures are displayed for phonebook contacts.

The version number is now at 6.16.217.XT994. Verizon.en.US (possibly some sort of alien language?), and the update is going to be about a 360MB download for you. It’s probably best to do it over Wi-Fi as suggested when your prompted for a download. The update isn’t very widespread at this moment, but it is on it’s way to those who own a Motorola Droid 4. I personally would be constantly checking the System Update button for an update. If you see it though, let us know how the new update looks.

It’s about time that Motorola is releasing these updates (then again, this could just be because of the Google takeover). Motorola honestly takes forever to get any sort of update out. It’s almost been a year since they last announced the Atrix 2’s Ice Cream Sandwich updated that was supposedly on it’s way in Q3 (that’s a bit exaggerated if you didn’t catch that). Then again, they may just decide to push it back again, as always. Whatever the case, I’m glad to see that at least one device in Motorola’s lineup got an update.

Those of us who haven’t gotten it yet can hold onto hope now. Sort of. I still think Motorola is slow as heck when it comes to updating their software. To put it in perspective, they are slower than Acer.

Have you gotten the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your Motorola Droid 4 yet? If you have, let us all know how it looks along with its performance and functionality! Some phones get the update and then run slow as can be. That said, leave us a comment below and let us know how everything works out for you!

source: Android Central

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3 Replies to “Motorola Droid 4 ICS Update On Its Way!”

  1. I like it. Cut and Paste is much cleaner, which was needed. Generally I prefer the interface.

    For Chris – there are two settings. One to turn off the screen and the other to lock the system. Change the security setting so that it doesn’t actually lock right away.

  2. Yeah, the update doesn’t really update anything. After all this… I’m not impressed. Some apps are moving faster, but some are slower, too. Included is a new version of Google Maps. Its cleaner, but it will take some time to get used to. The Settings are now organized instead of just thrown in there. The lock screen is better, but it is still annoying. I wish it had a delay on it so if you turn your phone off and then back on right away, it didn’t go right to lock. Its either all or nothing and when you do select a delay, a different lock screen comes up.

    All in all, it looks nicer and there are some new features, but after all the hype, and waiting 5 years for the update to come out, I am not really that impressed. There aren’t really too many changes to get excited over.

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