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Most Anticipated Tech products of 2012

If you think that the year is over and there are no new big bangs in the tech world then you’ve got it all wrong. The upcoming months in 2012 have a huge buzz in the tech world with a number of new technologies being introduced in the fall. Let’s go through the most important ones for now.

5. Nintendo Wii U:

On number 5 we have the Nintendo Wii U which is the gaming console of the future with a whole new outlook. The Nintendo Wii U has a 6.2 touch screen which is in the wireless analogue stick controller. Basically it can be said that the Nintendo Wii U is designed to look like a hybrid between a pad and a traditional PC. However, the content is streamed wirelessly from the Wii U base unit unlike in the tab. It acts a TV too for many of its users and has another screen which displays maps, inventories and objectives or a particular place to continue the game should the TV be needed by another person. There is another touchscreen interface which enables the play types. Also all the specs used in the Nintendo Wii can be used with the Nintendo Wii U too, so get ready folks for the ultimate gaming experience because the Nintendo Wii U is out in Christmas.


4. New tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles:

The competition is in full swing with not just one tablet being released this fall but two. Yes folks both Amazon and Barnes & Nobles are battling since the beginning and will continue to do so in the fall when both release their own tablets. Barnes & Nobles is releasing their tablets with Microsoft by introducing mini tablets. Barnes & Nobles are presenting a 7inch tablet with extraordinary screen technology. On the other hand in this race of the tablets Amazon will be releasing Kindle Fire with a 10inch screen. This is pretty surprising considering most of the tablets being introduced are moving towards the smaller scale however Amazon does something new and with Christmas just ahead lets see which one wins.


3. iPad mini

Apple also decides to get into the game, with Amazon and Barnes & Nobles just around the corner to be released, Apple is not staying behind and there’s been a rumor that Apple decides to introduce a 7inch tab in the fall which would appeal to the users a lot. Apple gives full head on competition and since its tabs are commendable since birth, a new 7 inch tab might just help to make Apple even more popular.


2. Windows 8

New Windows is just around the corner which would revolutionize technology as we speak. Microsoft plans on releasing the new windows in the fall which would have users baffled and the windows is being introduced not only for your tabs, laptops, desktops but also your mobile phone. Everything is kept hush hush by Microsoft regarding the windows but it certainly is going to be the talk of the season when it hits the market and brings a whole new experience to its users.


1. iPhone 5

So Apple decides to drop the bomb in September by releasing the ever so refreshing iPhone 5. Despite the fact that iPhone 4s wasn’t much of success Apple promises that this time the new smartphone will be exquisite. Every thing about the new iPhone is kept a secret as till now but there’s a rumor that the iPhone will have a bigger and better screen with a higher resolution and who knows what else. So keep your fingers crossed iPhone fans and let’s hope this time around Apple gives an iPhone which will blows us all away.

These were top 5 products which are going to change the course of technology in 2012 and the years to come. For the tech world the year isn’t over as yet and a variety of products are being introduced only for the tech lovers. So users stop spending money and start saving in order to get your hands on one of these now.

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