Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android Updated, Minecraft sells 7 Millions PC Copies?


With a bit over 5,000,000 downloads, Minecraft: Pocket Edition continues to update at a very consistent rate. Most recent updates have consisted of adding new features. This latest update though, has added new items and mobs to the game. The items as you can guess, is a weapon, a bow to be more specific. You’re going to want to use that bow on something though, so Mojang has added a few new mobs for you to use as some good ol’ target practice. Both Skeletons and Spiders will be trying to torment you now as you go through your adventure through the world of Minecraft. The game is really so far starting to shape up to be a lot like the PC version of the game.

Aside from that exciting new part of the game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition should be seeing some lighting improvements. The game will also be seeing the decay timer extended to five minutes. All devices also now have six hotbar slots on all devices (oddly enough, I still have 7 hotbar slots to use). It was pretty obvious that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition had some crazy excitement when it first released, now it seems like it’s just another game on the shelf. I kinda feel the same way with the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Personally, creative mode is the most phone I’ve ever had out of the mobile version of the game. Currently I feel that they’re headed in the right direction with adding the new mobs, but the game is still missing some key elements that make Survival mode actually really fun. Random Dungeons, mobs like Creepers and Minecarts I feel are some of the most key elements of Survival mode that is currently missing out of the mobile version of the game. Bigger worlds would also be a huge plus to the game.

In other news, Minecraft has actually sold 7,000,000 copies of the PC version of the game. Not only that but they have a bit over 37 million people registered on their site (you can see the statistics on the front page of minecraft.net). It’s quite obvious that the hype of the game hasn’t gone down at all. Minecraft players still swarm the YouTube asking for people to constantly make MineCraft videos, they still beg for their own ideas in the game and so on. While that’s not bad, I’m sure the developers at Mojang are enjoying themselves and celebrating this new milestone.

That aside, does anyone actually play the mobile version of Minecraft anymore? Sure there’s around 5,000,000+ downloads but, are you just waiting for the game to improve or what? There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about it, so the hype of it just feels like its drastically lowered. I could be wrong, either that or everyone is waiting for Mojang to add Redstone blocks to the game. Either way, are you still playing Minecraft or have you given up on it? Are you just waiting for them to add more to the game or what?

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