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MineCraft Getting New Monsters, Dyed Armor, Potatoes and New Potion

Apparently some users over on Reddit were able to gain access to an upcoming MineCraft snapshot that supposedly includes a bunch of new content to enjoy at your hearts content. A website PC Gamer has mentioned as PCGamesN said that the website were able to find the unofficial patch notes, which mentions carrots, potatoes, potions of invisibility, frames, dyed armor and a whole lot more. While this update is for PC version and not Android, I figured I would write about it anyway as it is very well possible we could be seeing these things come up in an Android build. Numerous times Mojang has said that they wanted to make sure the Pocket Edition of MineCraft was as close to the PC version as possible. That said, I would hold on to hope that we Android users would see this update for the Pocket Edition in the hopefully near future.

Though those new items sound awesome and all, the new highlight of the new update will be the new “Wither Boss.” Supposedly it’s supposed to be a dark, skeletal figure with three skull heads that will have the ability to shoot poisonous bolts (spit, I presume) out of its three various faces. It’s actually quite weird and a scary addition to the peaceful world of MineCraftia. A Youtube user that goes by the name of Sethbling, trapped this ferocious creature in a glass cage for everyone to see. If you’re interested and want to take a look, check out the video below (suggested viewing during the day and not before bed).

Anyone looking forward to the PC Snapshot update? I’m personally looking forward to the update for Android. While I enjoy the PC version of the game, I really think I prefer it on an Android device (for unknown reasons…).

source: PC Gamer

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