Microsoft References New Xbox for the First Time Ever

The world is watching Microsoft. Not for crazy new technologies or the next big iPhone insanity but simply for a new Xbox. Current PC hardware and even Tablet hardware is completely blowing the Xbox out of the water when it comes to hardware. An Xbox being able to handle around 30 frames per second is trying to compete against a PC that often is hitting 60 frames per second (FPS) and even up to the superb amount of 120FPS. It’s making people switch over from Xbox to PC, I’ve watched it happen countless times and it continues to happen. With that said, it’s time that Microsoft brings out a new Xbox. A Microsoft employee has referenced “the new Xbox” for the first time after countless denials that they weren’t making one.

In an interview regarding the new, Brian Hall, General Manager of Windows Live, referred to “the new Xbox” as one of many numerous projects that could and was possible to integrate with their new Windows 8 Operating System.

“We’ve had Hotmail and operated Hotmail for about 16 years. We obviously have Exchange, and Outlook, that people use at work,” Hall said to The Verge. “We just decided it was time to do something new and bring the best from each of those and put them together and release it right in time for the new wave of products that we could have coming out with Windows 8, with the new version of Office, with the new Windows Phone and the new Xbox.”

This is the first time that an official Microsoft employee has come out and actually acknowledged the new console. It’s not really a secret considering that we’ve already seem leaked photos of the console’s development kit floating around the internet. We also know that the new console has been codenamed Durango. We’ve also seen numerous Microsoft studios hiring for development of a next-gen console. 343 Industries and Rare were among those studios.

We obviously still haven’t seen an official announcement from the company concerning the new console but we certainly know it’s there and that it’s being worked on. Many developers say that the next generation of console will begin in 2013 and I for one believe them with the constant leaks and news of this new console coming from Microsoft. It’s no secret anymore; we know something is on its way.

It really is too bad that Microsoft will be putting out a next-gen console after Sony has said they won’t be making another for a while because they thought that the Vita was enough and wanted the Playstation 3 to last a bit longer. I’d hate to see that system die, but if rumors are true, they may just be in for a really big surprise when Microsoft’s next-gen console rises from the ashes of secrecy. As a side note, I’m really hoping and it’s probably very likely, that this new console will actually have blu-ray built in. Having the console upgradable would be a nice feature too, but it’s not likely.

Many have reached out to Microsoft for comment and they have not responded yet. If we hear any more news on the upcoming next-gen console we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

source: IGN

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