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Microsoft Reacts to the Apple-Samsung Trial Verdict


It seems like Microsoft is getting a kick out of the new verdict passed on the Apple vs Samsung trial. According to the verdict, Samsung was asked to pay $1.05 billion as they were said to be infringing on Apple’s intellectual property (design patents). And Microsoft seems to be conveniently taking a poke at the verdict via twitter. The company’s Bill Cox, who is the Senior Director of Marketing Communication for Windows Phone said the following on Twitter – “Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now.

This as many might think is the company’s way of mocking Samsung. This comes after Apple held over the Nokia Lumia 800 during the trial a few days ago as an example of not copying the iPhone. And the timing from Microsoft seems just about right to take a crack at Samsung. However, it seems like the company has forgotten that Samsung is in itself a Windows Phone partner and looking at how Apple is going about its business, the day won’t be far when Apple takes Microsoft or its partners to trial. However, Apple has licensed its design patents to Microsoft, so it won’t be as easy to take MS to court as it was with Samsung. Microsoft also has signed an “anti-cloning” agreement with Apple, which restricts them from blatantly copying iOS or any Apple related design.

It would be too early though to say that Windows Phone will benefit from the new lawsuit, because all this will do is hurt manufacturers’ motivation to innovate in terms of design. Yes, Samsung was guilty of possibly infringing on Apple’s design patents, but it would be a long shot to actually claim that Samsung wanted to gain traction off of Apple’s iPhone, since customers clearly knew what they were getting. Regardless, Samsung will certainly appeal the verdict in a higher court now. The companies are awaiting another verdict scheduled for September which could potentially ban certain Samsung smartphones, though the possibilities of that happening look slim. So for now, the verdict seems to only benefit Apple and no other company. It is important to keep in mind that this is merely a victory for Apple against Samsung and not against the entire Android sphere. Apple’s arguments did make sense and that’s what led them to win the trial, it will now depend on Samsung lawyers who will file an appeal soon, to impress the jury with their arguments. The epic conclusion to the trial is far from over, it seems.

Source: Twitter
Via: All Things D

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