Microsoft Confirms Development Cycle Finished, Windows 8 Leaked Day After

Microsoft announced that the development on Windows 8 is now officialy complete. The final RTM (Release to Manufacturing) code is now being delivered to Microsoft’s hardware partner within the next few days to get PCs and tablets ready for the new operating system in time for the general availability on October 26th. The final build is 9200.16384.win8_rtm.120725-1247 and Microsoft has said that MSDN and TechNet customers will be able to download it from August 15th instead of the October 26th release. Microsoft Software Assurance customers will get the RTM bits on August 16th while Volume License customers without the Software Assurance will be able to purchase the Windows 8 OS through Microsoft Volume License Resellers on September 1st.

That’s all cool news to hear and all but if you’re familiar with Windows 8 at all you’ll know that it’s famous for it’s build leaks. Just a day after they finished their development cycle the final build of Windows 8 was leaked out onto the internet. MSDN and TechNet customers won’t officially receive access to the final Windows 8 bits until August 15th, the Enterprise version of the operating system is widely available across file sharing sites (be careful, some times could be full of hidden viruses).
What may disappoint you is that the version leaked is an “N” edition of Windows 8. The N edition does not include a bundled copy of Windows Media Player because of issues in Europe back in 2004. Microsoft was forced to create special editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled that it need to provide copies of Windows without the Windows Media Player tied in. There could of been many reasons why they had to do it, but because of that ruling leaked copies of Windows 8 are now available! When Microsoft was reached out to to comment on the leaked N version, they refused to comment on the matter.

There won’t be links to these file sharing websites in this article though. Instead, head on over to Google, search for “Windows 8 Final Build Leak Download” and then if you want to, download the operating system from there.  Remember though, grabbing leaked builds like this can be dangerous due to them many people that like to attach viruses with the download. There are some websites that do offer it without the extra funsies to deal with but I would just double check and verify the website before proceeding to download the leaked build.

If in fact you do decide to get the Windows 8 Leaked build, go ahead and sound off in the comments and tell us how you like it! Personally, I think it really works for tablets pretty well, PCs on the other hand? Nah. Aside from that, I don’t know if there is a difference between the PC and Tablet version of the Windows 8 OS but if you manage to somehow get it on your tablet, we’d love to see pictures!

source: The Verge