Man Microwaves His 3DS XL, Puts it On eBay For $2.2K

With the Nintendo 3DS XL releasing, everyone would of thought that someone would microwave it and see what happens, right? Yeah, I don’t think anyone was expecting that one. But, if you’re interested in seeing the side effects of putting things in a microwave that really shouldn’t go in a microwave, but have been way to fearful to find out would would actually happen, thanks to the internet, we can watch it actually happen safely in our homes.

This guy is brilliant, I think watching him completely melt this Nintendo 3DS XL for the sake of “art,” was definitely amazing. Now, because this is all for the sake of “art,” this guy has decided to throw his newly created art on eBay allowing you to purchase it for $2241 on eBay. You could buy a $200 Nintendo 3DS XL and melt it yourself, but it’ll never be the same as what this guy has managed to throw together. While you may just not be willing to throw down $2.2k on this piece of art (you could purchase it and see if a museum would buy it) others are making numerous offers on eBay. Still, I think I would rather look at it from afar through the brilliance that is known as the internet.

You can watch the video of the melted 3DS XL below. Don’t try this at home kids, because without the proper bachelor’s degree in Microwave technology you may just find yourself at risk or even put others in risk. If you do decide to do it though, I wouldn’t encourage you to take a video and post it in the comments below. That would just be absurd.

Though your ears may now be deaf after hearing his “blaster” intro, you may be asking yourself, “Why can’t I just get a Nintendo 3DS XL and microwave it myself?” The man who has melted this brilliant piece of hardware explains why you can’t “just” do that:

Well, if you did that it would be nothing more than a knock-off of the original I am selling and knock offs are just knock offs which are just cheap imitations. You are better off just investing into the original microwaved 3DS XL Because it’s professionally microwaved the proper microwaving way and its a wise investment in my opinion plus as a bonus you get an EyeBall Toad full of prosthetic toad eyeballs. This is part of a limited time offer.

Anyone looking into getting this 3DS XL or even putting in an offer? I think I would rather just go out, purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL and keep it in its nice and slick form it came in. If you do decide that for some crazy reason you want to purchase this piece of “art,” just hit the source link below and it’ll take you straight to his YouTube page for your buying pleasures.

Okay, this guy is just insane, not brilliant!

source: eBay

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