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LG UDTV Released, Specs and Features Detailed

South Korean manufacturer LG releases the world’s biggest ‘ultra-definition’ TV on Wednesday, August 22nd. LG UDTV has already been rumored since December of 2011 and while it is just second to Sharp’s 90-inch model, LG boasts that specs, clarity and design could go beyond what the largest TV in the world can do.

Apparently, LG didn’t build this gizmo for nothing; it seeks to take the lead from the current industry leader, Samsung. Not only did the company built a very competitive unit as far as size is concerned, it also stuffed features that couldn’t be found in any other television sets in the market today. Here are some of the key features of LG Ultra Definition TV.

Higher Resolution. LG proudly said in its official press release that LG UDTV will feature 4K resolution; a special kind of pixel arrangement that gives a higher and deeper resolution. While displays built with 4K resolution technology can offer a resolution as high as 4096 x 3072 pixels (or approximately 12.6 megapixels), this 84-inch TV offers a maximum of 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution; still enough to make the picture more vivid and finer even on a wider screen.

3D TV. Again, this unit wasn’t built half-heartedly. Potential owners of this monster TV can assure of better and more detailed picture with finer pixels. Above all, LG put in CINEMA 3D technology in it to provide one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. Just because it offers 3D picture doesn’t mean the manufacturer should stop looking for more innovation. LG UDTV’s 3D Depth Control allows users to adjust to their liking how near or far objects on the screen would be. This makes LG’s 84-inch TV more sophisticated and high-tech than all other big screens in the market today.

Magic Remote. It is almost certain that once a TV as good as LG’s newest is built, the remote control should also be as sophisticated as the main unit. The company boasts that LG UDTV’s remote is more intuitive than one could imagine. With LG Smart TV community growing rapidly, customers who choose LG over others would surely have lots of options.

LG’s 84-inch UD 3D TV will roll-out in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America starting in September. Visitors to IFA 2012 will be able to experience the TV for themselves at the LG Electronics stand in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin.

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