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LG Starts Production of iPhone 5 Screen as Launch Nears

South Korean flat TV maker LG confirms reports that it is under contract to build a display panel widely speculated to be used for Apple Inc’s new generation iPhone, or popularly being referred to as iPhone 5.

Out of confidentiality, the Korean manufacturer couldn’t simply release information or name a company which may have placed an order but chief executive of LG Display Han Sang-beom said in a statement that they are now in the process of mass-producing a screen panel which is thinner and lighter than the usual smartphone displays.

“We just began mass production and we don’t expect any disruption in supplies,” said Han Sang-beom.

These new display is reportedly using in-cell technology that will allow embedding of touch sensors into liquid crystal display eliminating one of the layers that makes normal touch screens bulkier. This technology has long been rumored to become the in-demand as is allows tech companies like Apple to produce thinner smartphones.

The tech community as well as The Wall Street has been on a stir since Cupertino-based tech giant announced the official unveiling of the iPhone 5 that would fall on September 12th. And while it is currently in some nasty legal battles against some smartphone manufacturers including its fierce rival, Samsung, the Tim Cook-driven company managed to become the world’s most valuable company even surpassing what Microsoft achieved in 1999 as far as stock market and financial standing are concerned.

Rumors have it that iPhone 5’s display will be 4 inches from corner to corner (diagonal measurement) that is 30% bigger than the usual displays of the previous iPhone models. Still, it is relatively smaller than other smartphones in the market as Apple explained they are still seeking to provide people with pocket-sized devices for comfort.

As expected, reports suggesting LG Display would be the one to build new display panel for iPhone 5 are considered rumors as neither Apple nor LG released an official statement confirming them just yet. In fact, recent reports are in contradiction to previous rumors that the Japanese multinational company Sharp would start shipping screens for the next generation Apple smartphone.

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