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LG Announces LG Optimus Vu II For Korean Markets

As the rest of the world (mainly United States and Europe) anticipates the release of LG’s new flagship device, the Optimus Vu next month, LG is actually already moving on to the Optimus Vu II for the Korean market. The company has said that the new smartphone device will be released next month with the highlight of the device being the inclusion of an infrared control unit. The new handset is also packed with a Q Remote application. That said, the Optimus Vu II will actually be capable of controlling numerous home entertainment systems and appliances. You have to admit that that is wicked awesome and is something that I would love to see coming to the United States (soon, hopefully!).

Any additional specifications for the device have not been released. The Optimus Vu has a 5 inch screen, loaded with 32GB’s of storage space and will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. At the very least we can expect the Optimus Vu II to have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean loaded on it. I also doubt that the Optimus Vu II will be “thin” much like you’d find in your average handset.

LG hasn’t released any information about pricing or any future markets that the Optimus Vu II could come to. Since it’s going to have IR remote control capabilities, this is one way that will get rid of those tedious moments where you lose the remote control for the TV. “Oh snap, I lost the remote for the television again! Oh well, not a bother, I’ll just pull out my Optimus Vu II instead of looking for it for another hour only to find out I was sitting on it!” Yeah. That would be one handy tool.

The ability to actually control other appliances like a refrigerator or microwave via IR is actually kind of cool. Is there even a device that does that yet (in terms of smartphones, that is)?

Here’s what I was able to gather from the Press Release on their Korean website thanks to the capabilities of Google Translate (it is a bit rough to read, but is enough to show you what is actually in store for this device):

LG smartphone, world’s first “all-in-one remote control launches next month ‘Optimus Vu: II’ ‘Q Remote (QRemote)’ mount hundreds of global consumer electronics brand LG Electronic as well as smart phone control TV, air conditioning, audio, set-top boxes, such as major appliances destination Park, Jong – Seok vice president LG smartphone users, notes, voice recognition, etc. previous album and dimension differentiated UX to rave spared. “these differentiated experience to increase brand affinity and actual sales increase has been,” he stressed.

While that may have sounded a bit rough, it does actually sound really cool. I wonder if it’d be something that the average consumer in the U.S could use, because that would be really awesome.

Do any of you think this would be helpful in your day to day life? Would it just be cool to have something like this to say, oh, freak your friends out by turning on their microwave via your phone?

Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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