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LG and Qualcomm Working Together To Produce Quad-Core Smartphone

Both LG and Qualcomm recently confirmed rumors that they are working together to be able to produce a quad-core smartphone which will become their latest foray into the high-end market.

The latter was the first to announce that its new Snapdragon S4 Pro will make its debut on a global smartphone; LG then confirmed that they are indeed in the process of finalizing things up for the release of a smartphone, possibly an LTE-enabled one, that will sport Qualcomm’s latest quad-core Krait.

Given the reputation of LG and its smartphones, we are almost certain that the partnership between these two big companies would end up with favorable results. And while there is no official word about the said smartphone, Qualcomm hinted of fall being the perfect time to unleash such powerful handset. Here are some of the rumors about the new device:

Seamless Network Toggling. The new Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core APQ8064 will come with MDM9x15 baseband for LTE. This combination will allow users to toggle between networks without needing a reboot of their system. Thus, choosing between 3G, 4G and LTE will never be a problem for this yet unknown smartphone. It may sound so simple but actually, one of the advantages of this technology is that calls made under an LTE network will never drop if the user enters 3G or 4G area and vice versa; this will suit travelling people well.

Power. Everybody knows the power of a smartphone with quad-core processor. Previously, it has also been rumored that LG was developing in-house its own quad-core chip in the form of ‘L9’ which is supposed to make its debut this year. Unless the South Korean manufacturer plans on releasing more than one quad-core device, the rumor might be true. But what’s certain for now is that a new LG-branded handset that will operate on Qualcomm’s 4-core Krait will soon be released.

Graphics. The good thing about Qualcomm’s SOCs is that they always feature a graphics processing unit (GPU) and for APQ8064, it’s the Adreno 320 unit; it is also among the newest GPUs Qualcomm has in store for devices operating on its processors.

Both Qualcomm and LG didn’t reveal the name or even the model number of the smartphone but it has already been confirmed by both parties that there’s something better coming in for their loyal patrons. When released, it is one of the first quad-core smartphones that allow LTE connectivity.

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