Lenovo’s K860 Phablet Gets Priced in China

Lenovo has been making rounds for a while now and almost everyone knows about the specs of its five incher. However, the secret was its price, which was not in any rumors or in any statements by Lenovo. So, we all caught a break when the Chinese manufacturer finally came clean and told its customers, not only about the price but released the phablet as well.

The phablet was released 2 days ago on August 28 for a price of 2188 Yuan, which is about $344. However, getting one of these phablets is going to be somewhat difficult as only 2,000 of these quad core Exynos powered  beasts were released on the first day. However, that does not mean that a wide release is far.

The quad core Lenovo K860 looks as if it is aiming to be one of the main competitors to Xiaomi’s recently announced MI-2.

The Lenovo K860 started its life with leaks, which branded it as LePhone, which is a moniker the Chinese company has extensively used for in order to designate its devices. Later on, we heard that it might be launched as the IdeaPhone K860, which is also similar to the names, which the company uses for tablets and laptops.

Nonetheless, it is released now and it is priced at 2188 Yuan in China, which is slightly less than the rumored price, which was 2199 Yuan. The question now is that, what do you get for $344? The Lenovo K860 comes with a 5 inch LCD with 720p HD touch screen, powered by a quad core Samsung Exynos 4412 processor, which is the same one used in Samsung Galaxy S III. For memory, it is 1 GB RAM and for camera’s, which by the way it has two of them, one rear and one facing the front. The rear camera is a massive 8 MP, and the front camera is 2 MP. With a 2250 mAh battery, this phablet runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you think that is cool, then you should wait to do a comparison with the Xiaomi MI-2, which has somewhat the same features as the Lenovo K860. However, the Xiaomi MI-2 comes with a smaller 4.3 inch touch screen. This makes the Lenovo K860 the first real competitor to that device and since the Lenovo K860 costs $40 less than the Xiaomi MI-2 – things might just get serious. Since, most people like to have bigger touch screens, so obviously, those people will prefer the Lenovo K860 to the Xiaomi MI-2 for sure.

Although, the availability of the Lenovo K860 outside of China is not yet known because it is only available in China right now, and that too in limited numbers. So, people outside of China would just have to wait for the official word about when the Lenovo K860 will be releasing worldwide, specifically for the U.S. consumers. However, the release date will be soon because with a device like Lenovo K860 and a competitor just around the corner, I do not think that Lenovo is going to wait really long.

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2012/08/27/lenovos-k860-phablet-gets-priced-in-china-2-188-yuan-on-august/