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Lenovo takes on Apple in China

Just when we thought there were just a handful of smart phone companies out there we were proved wrong. A company with a reliable name and trust has emerged and has tried its luck in the smart phone business as well; it is none other than the Chinese company Lenovo. It really is an achievement for Lenovo, but Lenovo had to step in this smart phone industry sooner or later to keep up in the technological race as almost all the laptop/PC manufacturers are inclined to follow the main stream of smart phone manufacturing.

Lenovo is just a new horse in the race but company has already shown its competitors their true power. Lenovo has made tremendous leap in the China mobile market and was at 7th place in the first quarter and now has jumped to 2nd place. Lenovo has shown great results in a matter of mere months and it really leaves a lot to do for the competitors in the market.

In China for the first time ever the shipment of smart phones increased to about 87 million units. Samsung contributed about 44.4 million units whereas; Lenovo captured about 11% of all the Chinese smart phones in just the second quarter.

A Beijing based analyst with the IDC Research said, “Lenovo had a huge second-quarter due to increased volumes through operators, and a continued push into retail, leveraging on its PC retail stores and partnerships.”

Let’s not forget that Lenovo had to beat big hotshot companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC and ZTE to get its place in the market. Lenovo has from time and time again faced resistance from all the companies but it still emerged as a victor.

Due to the anticipated iPhone 5 being released in September and increased competition from HTC, Samsung and the other entire smart phone companies in China, Apples position considerably dropped. The sales decreased from 19% to about 10% and due to this the company’s position dropped to 4th (which is below Lenovo).

We say Apple should really be on the lookout from now on since giving such a sharp blow to its archenemy, Samsung and an indirect blow to Google mind is a very dangerous move since Google might just make Apple suffer through companies like Lenovo and make Apple play the dirty game.

Apple in the recent past has emerged as a victor and with its recent success in the courtrooms, many think of it as an invincible company however it gives a shock to critics and blogger that a new company like Lenovo provides great competition and surpasses it on the China Mobile Market list.

We believe with the iPhone 5 coming out Apple must have something really big in its sleeve to not to be alarmed by Lenovo’s such short term success, however, we must warn Apple that success isn’t forever and the tables can turn around pretty soon, so Apple has to be very careful and focused while taking each and every step because there’s a new sheriff in town and they’re here to stay, so we say watch out.


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