Lenovo Preparing a Version of Its Bendable Yoga Device with Tegra 3 Processor

Everyone was amazed when they saw Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga concept demonstrated. Both it’s screen and keyboard parts can flip around in a full circle on innovative hinges to turn the notebook into a tablet when you don’t need to do a whole lot of typing. Then, when do need to do some typing, it’s easy to turn it back into a notebook. Isn’t that pretty darn amazing? I thought it was and with it being pretty darn powerful as it already is, I was simply amazed.

If they do it right, this would be a fantastic and functional way to skip on compromising between both a tablet and notebook. The only thing I saw that was rose some red flags was that it was running Windows on Intel chips. On the other hand, sources are confirmed that NVIDIA has entered an agreement with Lenovo to supply its flexible notebooks with ARM-based Tegra processors for a future Windows RT device. I’m not sure if that means it’ll be in the IdeaPad Yoga or not. It might actually be compatible with it though.

NVIDIA had reported a fantastic quarter all based off of their Tegra orders. They also mentioned that it had booked at least three partners for Windows RT tablets, two of which that are both ASUS and Microsoft with its Surface slate. The third partner wasn’t named at all, but a leak is now telling us that it could very well be Lenovo. I personally have no doubt that it isn’t Lenovo. With it’s keyboard flipping capabilities, it really stood out and would be a fantastic notebook if the Tegra 3 was integrated into it. The Intel chip isn’t bad per-say, but after playing around with the Tegra 3 chip on my Transformer Pad, I would be rather saddened to go back to something with less power than what I have been getting used too.

Either way, the Tegra 3 processor would be fantastic to see in Lenovo’s new line of notebooks. It’s a super fast processor and works fantastically in ASUS’s Transformer lineup. There is also currently nothing that can “overpower” the chip on the Android platform and right now I still think it remains unmatched. It’d be interesting to see if Lenovo could pull off using the chip to its fullest power. That would be one crazy fast notebook and tablet mixture. I really hope that it’s Lenovo who has the deal with NVIDIA.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga hasn’t released yet. As far as we know, development is still underway for the notebook. That said, when it comes out will you be looking forward to testing the Notebook out? I’m really not even sure if its right to call it a notebook with its flexible design though. That said, here’s a good conversation starter!

What do you think the Lenovo IdeaPad should be called? A Notebook or a Tablet? Or do you have something else in mind that would fit much better than it’s current name? Whatever it is, let us know in comments!

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