Leaked Photos Suggest iPad Mini Lacks A Rear Camera

iPad mini by Apple is something we all have been waiting for, but as of now, Apple has not shared any news about its specifications, its size, its looks, or how it will be different, and how it will be better than other tablets of similar size. These are all the questions in people’s minds and with these questions; rumors are bound to appear at some point.

However, over the past weekend, some pictures appeared on the Chinese social network known as the Sina Weibo, which were of the latest iPad mini. The rear side pictures of iPad mini suggest that it has no camera opening. This did led some people to believe that it is a fake picture of the iPad mini, but some people think otherwise because the pictures do show an aluminum shell that has an Apple logo at its back. However, one crucial thing to notice about the logo is that, the iPad name is located on the lower portion of the case.

Now, I might be being optimistic or realist here, but that could mean that these pictures might be of Apple’s iPad mini, but these are the pictures of an engineering sample or the pictures of one of many prototypes that Apple has built in order to finalize the final look and feel of its iPad mini.

The majority of people here believe that the new iPad mini will feature two cameras, one facing the front and the other one facing the rear side. This is a possibility because if we look at other iPad’s we will notice two cameras, not one. So if Apple is to launch an iPad mini, it will most likely keep the feel and look of the iPad same, while boosting the inside for optimal processing without making this device fat.

On the other hand, these could also be the pictures of iPad Mini “Lite,” which is a part of Apple’s efforts to reduce its manufacturing cost so that more and more people would be able to purchase its iPad in the future. If we look at the prices of iPad, it becomes clear why Apple would want to do something like this because there are only a few countries where Apple and other products are available on contract, which makes them somewhat affordable. Whereas the rest of the world includes dozens of countries that do not have such a facility, yet their people want to hold an Apple labeled device. If something like the Apple Mini “Lite” does comes into the market, then it could mean that Apple is striving to put an Apple in everyone’s hand, all over the world, which would definitely make Apple’s competitors think twice about calling it out for a challenge.

As long as we do not see anything official by Apple regarding the iPad Mini, it is almost impossible to say whether these pictures are real or not, or maybe, they are just pictures of a prototype iPad. What do you think? Leave a reply and let us know with your comments what you think about it.


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