Lead Blackberry 10 Executive leaves RIM

The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) founder, Hampus Jakobsson has posted an astonishing announcement on his Twitter page regarding his latest decision to exit the company. Prior to his Twitter blast, Jakobsson plays a significant function at RIM as lead executive for BlackbBerry 10, specifically performing the role as Director, Strategic Alliances.

The founder of TAT, however, did not fully mention a definite reason behind his decision of leaving RIM but stated he is up to embark on other business ventures. He also added that he will relinquish his duties to other people at RIM, particularly the work of BlackBerry 10.

Below is Jakobsson’s Twitter announcement, wherein he already addressed himself as an ex-TAT founder:

“I’m handing over this to others in RIM now, but if you want to follow me as a ex-TAT-founder I’m at:@hajak.”

Later after this Twitter announcement, an official statement coming from RIM pertaining to Jakobsson’s resignation was also released. On its confirmation statement to BGR, RIM said that Hampus Jakobsson indeed, has left the company.

Below is the confirmation statement from RIM regarding Jakobsson’s resignation:

“RIM can confirm that Hampus Jakobsson has left his role as Director, Strategic Alliances at RIM. We wish him the best. The BlackBerry 10 UI team, which includes many members of The Astonishing Tribe, as well as others around the world, remains on track to deliver BlackBerry 10 in the first quarter of 2013.”

While losing a lead executive like Jakobsson is not good news for the company, the entire BlackBerry 10 UI team at RIM openly accepted and honored Jakobsson’s pronouncement to exit. RIM, however, stressed that Jakobsson’s resignation will definitely not hinder the company’s goal to release Blackberry 10 next year. The launching is set to happen in the first quarter of 2013.

The BlackBerry 10 UI team is comprised of several members of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), the company behind the integration of latest enhancements to BlackBerry 10, particularly the UI and UX improvements.

While Jakobsson has already stated his reasons for leaving his post, a lot of people still could not help but speculate if the TAT founder’s sudden exit from RIM has something to do with the recently rumored BlackBerry extinction especially now that BlackBerry’s US market share has posted a significant plunge.

Sources: BlackBerry Blast | N4BB

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