Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod Supports Up To 5000 Players, What?!

This isn’t your standard Android news phone news or even the latest update on the Apple vs Samsung litigation. In fact, this is just some interesting news that I came across on my daily surfing of the internet. Anyone who’s into PC games probably have a good idea of what Just Cause 2 is. Essentially all it is is a single player sandbox game with a twist. Now, you may be asking, “how in the world do you get multiplayer to work in a single player game?” The answer to that is, those brilliant people we commonly call “modders,” of course!

Avalanche Studios is famous for having one of the largest game worlds every created. It’s so large that stealing a jet and speeding across the sky will take you several minutes if your trying to get to the end of the map or even your quest location. Obviously it’s no contender with Minecraft with boasting to be a couple times larger than Earth itself. Despite Just Cause 2 being a complete open sandbox, it’s quite a lonely world with few adventures to journey on.

A modder in the Just Cause 2 community has created a way to host over 600+ players. It’s great he was able to add multiplayer, but it’s not quite as impressive as when he told players that the servers could handle up to 5000 players at once. Users who got to test the game have said that they were playing on the servers one weekend with 1300+ people on them without any sort of lag. Now that’s amazing. You might even have the chance to get in on the upcoming beta test on Saturday if you have a copy of Just Cause 2 or get one before then.

Just head on over to the JC2-MP’s twitter page to get instructions on how to join in on the beta along with getting everything set up and installed. It’s quite simple and it’s nothing close to rooting your phone. Obviously this isn’t your regular tech news, but it’s pretty dang amazing that a Modder was able to make a mod that will support up to 5000 players on a server.

Whilst waiting for the beta to start on Saturday at 8AM GMT, check out this rocking first impressions video:

As you can see, the mod is a little buggy, but there’s no “game breaking” issues with it. In fact, it’s fully playable and from what I hear, works fantastically well. It really amazes me when people are able to put a mod on a game that adds multiplayer capabilities. Not only that, but having support for up to 5000 players on the server at once? You have to admit, that’s quite a feat to accomplish.

What do you think of modders being able to do this sort of stuff? Do you think that this could be possible on Android and iOS games eventually? I can imagine it’d take a heavy toll on your data connection. Aside from that, will you be trying to get yourself into the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer beta this weekend?

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