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Jury In Apple vs Samsung Case Has Requested More Deliberation Time

Everyone is watching the court in San Jose, California today. The entire Tech World is waiting for a final verdict what’s going to happen between Apple and Samsung. Surely the two CEO’s of the companies are shaking in their boots themselves. That said, it looks like we’ll be having to wait a little longer since the jury is still in its deliberations and has recently made a request to extend the discussions for around an hour before the trial breaks for the weekend. Looks like we will most likely not be seeing a final decision today. The idea of extending the time is indicating that the jury is one, not close to reaching a confidential decision on the process or the jury wants to make sure that all of the important factors are correct. They probably don’t want to leave any sort of room for any sort of doubt by anyone after making their final decision which will hopefully happen by the end of today.

Though everyone wanted to see an answer today, you have to remember that the jurors have a pretty large book of forms and instructions to fill out in order to help decide what damages are truthful along with what damages can be given out to either Samsung Electronics or Apple inc. There hasn’t been any news as to how close they are to a decision or whose favor they are leaning towards, but as you know, Judge Koh does not seem so fond of either companies after some of the issues the court has gone through (i.e. deleted emails from both parties, lengthy witnesses from Apple and etc).

We can still hope to see a final verdict reached today though. The jury has until 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) today. I’m really hoping we’ll hear some news as I don’t know if anyone could bare the thought of waiting until the end of the weekend. Of course, Apple probably can as they move their tactical chess pieces across the nation deciding on where they should hit next. That is, if Motorola does not pose to be a delay for them. Honestly, Apple is going to go stinking bankrupt from all of these lawsuits they are throwing out. So far we’ve had a few in the United States, and a whole lot more in foreign nations. While Apple does have $40 billion or so in the bank, that easily can be wasted on these lawsuits. Hopefully they don’t make one wrong move, because it is very well possible that they could be walking a very thin line.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed as to what happens today. Any bets on whose going to win the trial or will we see a similar decision as to the one in South Korea today (both companies told to pay damages to each other)?

We’ll keep you updated if anything else happens to pop up before the ending time today.

source: Talk Android

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