It’s ThinkGeek’s 13th Anniversary! Woohoo!

If you don’t know what ThinkGeek is, man, you must be the minority that is missing out on a lot of cool stuff! This website/online store is a Geek’s best friend. It has everything geeky, just name it and they have it. If they don’t well, you’ll probably see it up within the next two to three weeks. Their goal? From the consumer side of things, it seems as if they want to have the largest geek inventory known on this planet. From the personal side of things, the owners are just a bunch of geeks sharing their geeky love with the community by offering some nerd-inspired peripherals and other useful geeky items that you probably don’t need but would want to have anyway.

Essentially all ThinkGeek is is a sort of Amazon service for geeks. Though it does not have anything close to Amazon’s inventory, it does have some pretty cool stuff. You’ll find things like an Iron Man light-up shirt, the rare Lord of the Rings Collectors Edition book, Sonic Bomb alarm clocks, talking alarm clocks with British accents, entertaining shirts and even Zombie Blast Energy Shots (you don’t even want to know what the Zombie Shots are about).
Recently, I got an e-mail from ThinkGeek talking about their 13th anniversary. It’s been that long since it’s create? Seriously? Wow, have they come such a long way and made such a big name for themselves. Here’s an excerpt from the email I received:

ThinkGeek was founded on August 13, 1999 by a handful of ISP-running geeks who printed up a few t-shirts just for fun. Since then, some things have changed–our “warehouse” is no longer a glorified utility closet–but others haven’t, like the support from geeks like you. It’s an honor to still be around on an ever-changing internet.

Guess what was in my e-mail? ThinkGeek decided to announce a week long sale they were having to celebrate thirteen years of supplying geekiness to geeks all over the world. I had thought that this sale would only be one item a day, but it turns out that ThinkGeek releases one item that goes on sale on a daily basis and those items will be on sale until the end of the week. What exactly is on sale though? Well, you probably think they just put a bunch of cheap junk on sale. I would like to inform you that you’re wrong, sir. Here’s just what’s on sale along with some of their funny taglines:

Bag of Holding:

When the last d20 is rolled, and Tiamat’s dying scream shakes the cavern walls, only two things remain: the distribution of experience points to the party, and loot. Your party’s dwarf fighter, and that human paladin might be able to lug piles of gold and platinum, but your little gnome mage can’t quite heft that much stuff. What to do?

The chaotic neutral halfling thief offered to carry a portion of your loot, but do you really trust “Shifty McFingers” with your well-earned booty, or can you find another way to carry it all? Luckily, amidst the ponderous piles of platinum lying about the place is a simple nondescript bag that everyone overlooked – except you, of course. Peering into the bag, you see nothingness – an almost infinite depth in which you can place way more loot than your entire party combined! While the rest of your party is trudging away with a backbreaking mass of booty, you’re happily plundering ton after ton of coins, and casually flinging your new bag over your shoulder.

While transdimensional space is, as yet, impossible in this plane of existence (Doctor Who fans, keep quiet for now), ThinkGeek Labs has developed our own messenger bag that comfortably carries way more than a bag of its size normally could! It’s big enough to carry a 17″ laptop, Large 3-ring binder, two college textbooks, two paperback books, Amazon Kindle, iPod, cellphone, cables, pencils, business cards, spare batteries… I could go on and on. – ThinkGeek

The Bag of Holding is simply a huge backpack for those who don’t understand the “geek speak.” It was both designed and made by ThinkGeek for those tech enthusiasts. With that in mind, they needed a simple design that would be able to fit numerous items like your 19″ laptop, the iPad or Transformer Pad, and so on. They just want to make sure that you have all of the goodies that you need to head to the local gaming cafe or coffee shop!

Think that no one would get this? Heh, sorry again, but the Bag of Holding has been Out of Stock from high demand numerous times. I was tempted to get this item this week, but I resisted. It was hard as the bag is usually set around $77. Their anniversary sale has brought it down by 33 percent making it set around $49.99. So tempting.

There’s a bunch of other items to and more to come as the week unfolds. I won’t list them all here since we simply aren’t ThinkGeek. But. If you’re interested in participating in ThinkGeek’s 13th anniversary and some of their items interest you, make sure to head over to their website every morning at 9am EST for a new item! Friday is the last day left, so there’s only one more item to reveal, make sure to keep your eyes peeled as it could be a big one. They might just decide to finish the sale with a bang, you know?

It’s important to note that when you buy some of these items you’ll get a free 13th anniversary shirt included with your order. Cool, huh? That’s not all though. In the case of the Bag of Holding, they send you a LED Dice with it for no reason except to say thanks for sticking with them for these long thirteen years! Other items may have those same deals, just need to look out for them though!

Have you participated in the ThinkGeek sale? Will you even be participating in the ThinkGeek sale? If you have, tell us what you got, and if you’re willing, share some pictures!

source: ThinkGeek

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