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Is this HTC’s First WP8 Smartphone?


Windows Phone 8 is all over the internet since the past few days. After Samsung announced the Ativ S and we heard about Nokia’s upcoming WP8 monsters today, we now have something from HTC. Although this is merely a leak, it seems very likely to be true given that we’ve already learnt about Samsung and Nokia’s plans in the WP8 arena. The new rumor also brings forth a picture of an alleged HTC WP8 smartphone and it looks like a press shot more than anything, but there’s no way to make sure. We first heard about the HTC Accord in a leaked roadmap a couple of months ago, but little was known back then. This new leak comes from a relatively unknown Twitter account.

Along with a render/press shot of the HTC Accord, we also have access to some of its specs. The leak suggests that the device will pack an HD display, although the exact screen dimensions weren’t given. Also mentioned in the specs list is Qualcomm’s MSM8960 (S4) dual core chip clocked at 1.5 GHz, the same as the one on the Samsung Ativ S. Further, the device is believed to be made available in 8 and 16GB variants with support for microSD cards as well. A standard 8MP camera sensor is said to be on board too. The Accord is also said to pack features like NFC.

Looking at the leaked specs sheet, it seems like the Accord is a decent WP8 smartphone, very comparable to Samsung’s WP8 smartphone. If we go back to Windows Phone 7, the trend was set with 3.7-inch displays with Samsung Omnia, Nokia Lumia 800 and the HTC Radar filling in the spot for each of the manufacturers. With WP8, OEMs have broadened their horizon and since better display resolutions are supported now, manufacturers won’t hesitate to use a bigger display. Although devices like the HTC Titan brought bigger displays to WP7, the WVGA resolution didn’t do much justice to the display.

It will still take some convincing for us to believe in this rumor, but for now we’ll take what we see. Further information is eagerly awaited. Twitter seems to be the medium for most new leaks these days, like with the HTC tablet and the Lumia 820/920 leak this one seems to join the list now. But is this legit? Only time will tell.

Source: Twitter
Via: GSM Arena

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