iPhone 5 Thickness at 7.6mm, Concept Rumors Not True

A article that Christian Post found in the Chinese-language newspaper, AppleDaily, claims to have obtained an enclosure for the device. They ended up taking its measurements and the reports its figure. From what we’ve heard so far the thickness was measured in at 7.6mm. The rest of the devices dimensions were equivalent to specifications that were leaked by case manufacturers earlier this year.

MacRumors had contacted one of these manufacturing sources. They confirmed to the site that this report was very accurate and that they were preparing to construct the first iPhone 5 cases. The manufacturer also reported three big changes that were made to the device that has made it much different than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

This device will be much larger and has been measured in at 58.47mm wide, 123.83mm high and 7.6mm thick with a 4-inch screen. The screen is actually larger than screens we’ve seen from iPhone devices before. Past screens have tended to come in at around 3.5 inches. As has been reported before, the earphone jack is being move to the bottom of the smartphone and the dock connector will also be a whole lot smaller than it currently is.

The iPhone 4S measures at 9.3mm in depth, so the iPhone 5 (7.6mm thick) would be about 18 percent thinner than the current iPhone. This new iPhone will be expected to have essentially the same width as the 4S but it will be longer since it’s featuring a 4 inch (Retina HD maybe?) display. Right now, rumors are currently saying that Apple is getting ready to unveil the iPhone 5 on September 12th with a possible launch in the same month (they’re really trying to get this out fast, aren’t they?).

This is actually the first time that Apple will be releasing an iPhone with a larger display. All of their older devices have featured a 3.5 inch screen. No smaller, no larger. It’ll be interesting to see how those who own an iPhone will adjust to the new size. I’ve heard numerous times that “3 inches is the perfect size for me.”

Other rumors have stated that the iPhone 5 could possible include LTE connectivity, a HD Retina display and it also should be launching with iOS 6 per-installed. That right there is a nightmare in itself. Sorry iPhone owners, us Android users will be enjoying our consistent connection to YouTube and Google Maps while you play with your new toy!

In other news, from the sounds of it we won’t be seeing the sexy laser keyboard, holographic video display and extremely slick design that a concept video from a unofficial source that was posted last year. Of course, I think we all knew it was a joke the minute we watched it. Don’t just write it off though, we all know that this could be a reality as technology advances at its constant rapid pace.

Will you be getting an iPhone 5 when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!


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