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iPhone 5 Launch Date Confirmed

A very trusted employee that works for Verizon confirmed to TechCrunch that the carrier will be having an all-staff vacation blackout starting on Friday, September 1st to Thursday, September 30th. I think we all know what the means though! The next iPhone of course! Rumors are finally coming to face value and will almost certainly be in stores starting on Friday, September 21st. This explains the vacation blackout, eh (all hands on deck!)?

It’s been largely expected that the next generation of iPhone’s will be announced on September 12th in the usual Apple fashion (though many speculate things may be a bit different this time around considering that Apple’s lead presentation executive was fired back in December of 2011).

If we go and travel back a bit in time, we can examine the historical timeline from Apple’s announcement, to pre-order, to launch. After you look at that, the dates all seem to match up very accurately. Last year, Apple had announced the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, October 4th. The phone was ready for pre-order on the following Friday, which landed on October 7th. It was then available in stores on Friday, October the 14th only a week later. The iPhone 5 timeline really looks identical to the iPhone 4S timeline:

  • Announcement Date: Wednesday, September 12
  • Pre-order Date: Wednesday, September 12
  • Launch Date (confirmed by a Verizon source): Friday, September 21

Yeah, it’s been a year since the last iPhone, but is it just me, or does it seem a bit to early for this to release? I mean, we’ve already heard that it’s basically identical to the iPhone 4S just with a bigger screen. That said, I think they really should just take more time and improve it, as I don’t think this will work out for them very well. Then again, I could be pretty wrong on that.

Any thoughts?

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