iPhone 5 Dock Connector Now Only 9 Pins, Rumors Say

There are a lot of photos of iPhone 5 related features and even the device itself. The most recent of the leaked photos is the very commonly discussed dock connector that will be featured with the iPhone 5. The French website, NoWhereElse has published images which show the dock connector as being very small compared to ones that were used for previous versions of the iPhone. The new dock connector has what seems to be 9 pins, which is a hue drop from the existing 30 pin connector that Apple has always used and favored for it’s various mobile devices. Whatever they favored the 30 pin connector for is very much unknown and we probably won’t know. Ever.

Last week, the french website had published a few pictures of what the site claimed to be was the SIM tray for the iPhone 5. The picture suggested that the device will use a nano-SIM and had indicated that the device itself will have painted sides rather than the slick metal finish you would usually see on the iPhone 4S. The rumors of both claims have not been proven just yet. We should find out soon when the device launches on September 12th.

The French blog also had revealed pictures that had shown the battery unit of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 which, of course, brought up speculation about the levels of power it will be able to supply. An Apple focused blog 95o5Mac pointed out that the cell is very similar to past devices but is only slightly more powerful than what was used on the iPhone 4S. The site claimed that the batter could have a maximum of 1,440 mAh. That said, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a huge difference in battery levels.

Aside from that, most people are expecting the iPhone 5 to be compatible with 4G LTE networks. Considering the new iPad was, I’m personally hoping Apple won’t screw this up and say that it won’t be compatible with 4G LTE networks. I highly think that it’ll be compatible but it won’t be a surprise if it isn’t. The only thing is, the 4G LTE network capabilities require a lot of power. More than you would expect. 9to5Mac suggested that Apple is either prepared to deliver a very under-powered device or it has devised a method of getting a superior performance out of a small battery. I’m really hoping that the latter is what has happened. Other wise, this year isn’t looking so good for the company.

Another possibility is that the blog suggests that the manufacturer might just be using a new type of Qualcomm chip called a Gobi that will put a whole lot less drain on a battery than earlier processors created by the manufacturer.

Either way, as we get closer to the release date of the iPhone 5, more and more rumors are popping up on a daily basis. This is one of the few that has made logical sense (though the LTE Network is almost confused with the low power battery).

Will you be picking up an iPhone 5 when it launches on September 12th?