International Galaxy S III Gets OTA Update

Samsung Galaxy S III owners are anxiously awaiting for the company and its carriers to release Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the phone, which has been rumored that it’ll be coming out in late Q3 and possibly early Q4. Samsung has gone ahead and ended up doing another Over the Air (OTA) update for the Galaxy S III. No, it’s not even remotely close to Jelly Bean, it just brings a new baseband to the device to help fix the battery drain issue.

The update is available to all international Galaxy S III GT-i9300 users and is going to be only 1MB in size. Why is it so small? The update literally only addressed one issue with the phone and that is the battery drain issue. It was fixed by updating the addressed in the baseband of the device which is now running at version XXLH1. At least they did a timely update and weren’t making everyone wait for it to come with the upgrade to Jelly Bean.

Obviously this isn’t the first time since the release of the Galaxy S III that Samsung has released a few stability updates. Remember the sneaky move they did by crippling the search feature of the phone in both the U.S and outlying countries (not like anyone really uses that feature anyway, but for those of us who at the very least, use it, this was a big problem. Okay, not really but it was something to gripe about!). The update to remove the search feature was because of a couple bans that hit the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet from Apple. Thankfully, Samsung said that the whole thing was a complete mistake (a lot of us doubt that) and corrected the issue swiftly. That could also be interpreted to say, way to many people were complaining so they decided to add it back in.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up removing the search feature again with Apple getting its lawyers ready to go after Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S III. It’d most likely just affect the U.S version of the device, but it would be quite interesting if that search function was remove once again. Why does Apple gotta hate on us?

Either way, Samsung has released the update to fix the battery drain issue. It was apparently an issue with the baseband, so the 1MB update will be addressing those issues. So far from what we know, the update hasn’t touched anything else aside from the baseband, so there is no need to worry about the precious search functionality. The update is provided as an Over the Air update so your battery issues will be fixed within seconds upon starting the update.

If you’ve gotten the Over the Air update, has it actually fixed the battery life yet? Have you found anything that Samsung supposedly “hasn’t” touched? We’d love to hear if its working or not in the comments below.

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