Instagram Version 3.0 Update Released

It doesn’t seem like it was too long ago when Instagram had released version 2.0 of the popular photo sharing app with the beautifully redesigned UI. From the sounds of it, the Instagram team has been hard at work and almost a year after the 2.0 update, version 3.0 has just hit both the Google Play and App Store. This new update comes with a new feature called Photo Maps, plus a bucket full of sweet smaller improvements.

I think that overall this was a fantastic update. Photo Maps are really cool and I absolutely love the newly designed Instagram profiles and hashtag location pages. What I didn’t like about this update is the fact that we didn’t get the ability to copy image url links. Only iOS users got that feature, it’s not something really “needed” but it would be pretty helpful.

One thing that almost everyone will notice is the crazy speed improvements that they’ve done. I’ve usually experienced slowness upon launching the application and browsing peoples photos. That, is fixed and is very, very noticeable. Not to mention after today’s update to Google Play, you’ll get that 13MB Instagram download for only 2MB and be able to experience all of the new exciting features in a short amount of time (hooray for “delta” updates!).

Has anyone downloaded the new updated and tried it out? How are you liking the speed improvements and Photo Maps? In fact, tell us your favorite new feature from the update in the comments below, we’d love to see what everyone’s like about the new update!

Here’s some of the new features you can expect:

    • Photo Maps!
    • New UI for upload screen. This includes a larger box for long captions and Geotagging is now: “Add to Your Photo Map.” Users will need to select this in order to choose a foursquare location.
    • Redesigned profile, Explore tab, hashtag and location pages.
    • Infinite scroll (automatic “load more”).
    • Speed improvements to make the app faster and more responsive.
    • Reporting users. Users can now report individual comments as abuse/spam. Flagging a user has been reduced to one choice: “Report for Spam.”
    • Copying image URL links directly from the app (Apple iOS only).
  • What is a Photo Map?With an Instagram Photo Map you can showcase where you’ve taken your photos, or explore where others have taken photos on a map. Maps take you beyond recently posted photos and let you rediscover previously Instagrammed memories. You can edit your map at any time and will always be able to opt into each and every photo you add to your map. It’s a beautiful new way for you and others to view your Instagram photos. – Instagram Blog Post


Just hit this link to head on over to the Google Play Store and get the latest update for Instagram. That or you could just go into it through your phone.

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