In-Depth Review: Bombergeddon Premium by Herocraft

Herocraft Ltd, one of the Top Developers in Google Play Store, released Bombergeddon for Android on July 30th where it was accepted warmly by both gamers and Android device owners. There were two versions released by the developer, the free version and the premium. For a game that truly entertains, $0.99 is almost the same as free and while its popularity is not at the same intensity as with the Angry Birds, it is still trying to attract gamers who might have been looking for some entertainment outside the usual.

Newer generations who are used to playing on high performance PCs and consoles may not be entertained with retro games like Bomberman. But for people who have tried playing the game, they surely understand there is greater entertainment from games made out of simplicity and logic. Bombergeddon was actually patterned from Bomberman only that it now sports better dynamics, graphics, and lots of features for maximum entertainment value while on the go.

Having been able to play Bombergeddon Premium for more than a week, I can put it under a 5-point review and rating system to determine if it’s worth the time, money, effort and commendation. The five focal points I will use to rate this game are First Impression, Gameplay, Graphics/Representation, Replay Value & Worth, and Lasting Appeal.

First Impression

Being an avid gamer, I always pay attention on how certain game talks to me when I launch and play with it the first time. So, I pay attention to the first things I see and hear and Bombergeddon seems to have a positive impact on me.

The first thing that talks to me is the golden background. Just by looking at it, it is almost certain that you would think of the game as an adventure and that’s what actually you’re getting. Those who have been a fan of Indiana Jones movies could easily relate this game to the character of Harrison Ford; cowboy hat and whip on the side.

This game will never put you on a limbo as it loads so quick. In fact, even for slower Android devices, it wouldn’t take 7 seconds to start playing it after launching the app from the home screen. Likewise, there seems to be so minimal lags and menus can be called as quickly as you could think.

After launching the app, the first option you will have to choose is whether to disable or enable the sound. For all Herocraft games I’ve played, it’s always like this. But the good thing is, at least, you have the option to turn the sounds on or off just in case you’re in a place where audio loudness matters.

Being an adventure game, I was expecting more from its audio. I was hoping to get a cowboy-themed sound when the game launches and the developer did a good job in delivering it here. The opening audio totally depicts the kind of adventure you can experience while playing it. What I love about the opening audio is that it plays an orchestral string ensemble in a majestic way.

As far as graphics is concerned, I don’t really expect so much from games on mobile devices but Herocraft delivered it just right. The backdrop is golden, then comes the photo of Indiana Jones-like character and Egyptian-inspired mummy, zombies and villains in the background. The buttons were designed in such a way that they, too, would blend so well with the background.

The navigation system of the game is much easier than you would expect. When the app is fully-loaded, there would be several buttons presented on screen, namely: Game, Play, Help, Achievements, Settings, Online, Exit and More Games. The home screen could bring you any point in a game that you like to go to. Amazingly, these buttons are responsive enough; a slight tap on them would load the next page or bring down the menu list.

Bombergeddon for Android can easily impress both first time and seasoned gamers.



It is more like the Bomberman game than any other. The thing is Herocraft made it the way to challenge even the ones who consider themselves “expert” in gaming and both the theme and colors play well in making the gameplay more interesting.

Like Bomberman, you need to put bombs strategically to kill your enemies and not your character. It is your primary weapon in completing all the levels. You will gain points every time you can kill an enemy and even gain higher points if you can kill multiple enemies in one bomb.

However, this scenario needs timing because unlike the original Bomberman game, the AI’s in this game are smarter than you could expect; they will not continue pursuing you when a bomb is on their way. To kill them, you must go near and predict the pattern of their movements before you put a bomb.

There are two game modes you can choose from, Campaign and Survival. In the Campaign Mode, you have to finish level 1 through 80. But in the Survival Mode, all you have to do is to stay alive as more and more enemies come your way. Both are challenging in their own way but it all depends on you which one you like the most.

If you think the game is short because it only has 80 levels, you’re wrong. Bombergeddon is longer and more challenging that you could imagine. The first three levels are easy to complete, however, when you reach level 4 down through 80, your fingers will become busier in controlling your character.

That said, the controls of the game is pretty straight forward; on the lower-left corner of the screen is the four-button directional controller while the one to the right corner is for activating the bomb. There is a little stiffness in controlling the game at times, but overall I think Herocraft also did a good job in making the character easier to control.


The golden background when the game starts is one of the things that would attract attention and it is used to blend with other colors in every level. There are four stages that you need to complete to finish the entire game namely, Egypt, Babylon, Aztec and China. Each level of these stages has different shades of colors but they can blend well with the game’s theme.

The character representations in this game are not bad at all. First time gamers might take just a little while to find the lead character on the board when a level loads but once found, you can never lose sight of it again. You can easily distinguish your character from other characters in every level.

The menus are well-designed and the font used is just right for the game as well as the buttons. For devices with smaller displays, the letters remain readable and items remain distinguishable.

There are collectible items in every level and each item has its own function. The icons that represent these items are pretty straightforward. For example, the icon that shows bomb is without a doubt a bomb and the icon showing shield can be used for protection of your character. There are other collectibles you can discover when you go deeper into the later levels.

Replay Value and Worth

For the entertainment it brings, we are lucky it is offered for just $0.99 and there is also a free version. I think the game is worth your money and time you spend playing considering it offers nothing but pure entertainment.

Even if you’ve completed all the levels and stages, you will still be tempted to play the game again for the kind of challenge it offers. The fact is, it is the challenges that will push you through finishing it up.

Having been able to play both free and premium versions, I say there is a big difference between the two. The free version lacks many things that make the game more challenging and of course, you will not be getting all the goodness of the game.

My suggestion to those who don’t want to pay for the premium version is that try playing the free version and if you find it easier to complete or lacks some enjoyment, upgrade to premium version to get a better one.

Lasting Appeal

Bombergeddon is a good game and it is a kind that you would surely recommend to your friends. The developers did a great job in bringing Bomberman to mobile with new and different twists. The team behind this game is, without a doubt, the expert in their field.

The game makes an appeal to both seasoned and first-time gamers. The fact that there is no violence depicted in it is evident it is also good for children. It could be considered one of the family games you would want your children to play. That’s one of the qualities I like the most about it.


After a week of playing Bombergeddon, I haven’t encountered bugs or anything that disrupted my gaming. So, I believe the developers have done all the necessary tests to make sure gamers can get the best out of it. For the five points I presented here, I think the game is worth 5 / 5 score. And for you to know exactly what I’m talking about here, you should try it.

Title: Bombergeddon (Premium / Free)

Price: $0.99 / Free

Rating: 5 / 5

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