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Images of the New Amazon Kindle Fire Emerge


The Amazon Kindle Fire was announced last year with much fanfare and excitement. It also did pretty well in the market and was in high demand for quite a long time. However, the tablet wasn’t able to keep the pace due to Amazon’s restrictions and the arrival of newer and more powerful tablets in the market. A successor to the tablet has been touted to arrive this year, and as with any rumor we couldn’t take anything seriously without valid proof. But now, some images believed to be of the new Kindle Fire have emerged, showing off some of its features in the process.

These alleged pictures of the new Kindle Fire show the tablet’s front while also revealing the front facing camera, adding video calls to the mix much like Google’s Nexus 7. One picture also shows off a Skype video chat conversation, meaning the tablet will be very similar to Google’s tablet. It’s still a leak though, so we can’t really say for sure. Amazon is holding an event on September 6 when the tablet is believed to be unveiled, so we’ll know more in the coming days.


This one too seems to be of the same size as last year’s Kindle Fire, so that’s not something to be particularly excited about. People were actually expecting a slightly bigger tablet joining the Kindle lineup this year, but nevertheless a rather smaller and powerful tablet should suffice. The UI of the tablet visible in the images looks pretty identical to the Kindle UI on the original Kindle Fire, so we don’t think there will be a lot of changes in that department either.

As Amazon will be clearly looking to target Google with its new offering, it goes without saying that the price will be an important factor. And as the company which kicked off the whole $200 tablet idea on a large scale, it seems like something that Amazon would want to keep in mind. With less than a week left for the Amazon event to kick off, speculations have already begun. It will be interesting to see what Amazon comes up with this time, and if it’s any different from what we saw last year. However, in order to take on the Nexus 7 in the market Amazon will also have to promise timely updates, something which the Kindle Fire users haven’t seen a lot of. Also, the Nexus 7 will always have the edge in the OS department so unless Amazon undercuts the tablet in terms of price, we don’t see it doing all that well in the market.

Source: The Verge
Via: Phone Arena

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