IFA 2012 Rumor Roundup

Among the most important companies participating in this year’s IFA are Samsung, LG, Sony, Acer, and Microsoft. Over the last few months, speculations about what revelations they will be giving have floated around. Here is a summary of such rumors.


Samsung has confirmed that it would be launching the Galaxy Note 2 on August 29. This has been said to be a smart move for the South Korean tech giant as the device is launched ahead of an Apple event to be held on September 12. Apple is expected to uncover the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad Mini during said occasion. Samsung’s device is somewhere between these two iDevices when it comes to size and features, which could allow it to entice some consumers to choose their products over Apple’s.

Moreover, the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, which had been already launched in Europe before the IFA, will likely not be receiving as much attention as the Note 2, unless Samsung finally gets Jelly Bean on it.

Lastly, Samsung recently announced the S Duos which sport a dual-SIM feature but has not yet disclosed its price and the date when it will be available. The IFA would be a good time to make these announcements.


LG could pose an answer to the Galaxy Note 2 through the Optimus Vu, a device that sports a 5-inch display. This device, which had been already shown during Mobile World Congress, has already been available in Korea and Japan starting March.

LG has also announced that it will be launching a hybrid device next month, making the IFA an opportune time to give consumers a preview.

An 84-inch ultra definition television is also believed to be among the company’s new offerings that will be shown during the expo.


As for Sony, it has been rumored that the company will launch the Xperia Tablet S during  the Berlin event. Said device could have a better processor, come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and sport a slimmer body.


Acer has a new advertisement for the Aspire S5 ultrabook featuring no less than the actor Keifer Sutherland. This could hint at Acer’s focus on what is currently the world’s thinnest laptop during the expo. Apart from this, Acer could showcase the Liquid Gallant Solo smartphone, a new entry-level smartphone that runs on a single-core processor.


Microsoft will figure prominently in this year’s IFA through Intel’s 20 Windows 8 tablets as well as Lenovo’s Microsoft-powered Thinkpad tablet, among others that will carry Windows’ new operating system.

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