Humble Bundle For Android #3 Updated With Four More Games

Remember the announcement for Humble Bundle for Android #3? It had first launched with offering those who donated four games. The four games were Battlefield, BIT.TRIP BEAR, SpaceChem and Spirits. If that wasn’t good enough though, the friendly guys behind the Humble Bundle decided to add four more games into it all! The new games that are included are Osmos, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, World of Goo (good game, check out our review!) and EDGE. These four titles were available in the previous Humble Bundles, so if you had missed out on any of the previous ones, now is a fantastic time to get them. Also, if you have already donated to the Humble Bundle before today, there is no need to worry about donating anything else. These titles will automatically be added to your download page and will allow you to download them at any time you want. Of course, I’m sure they would appreciate it if everyone gave a little more, they’ve already reached a milestone of $500,000 and I’m sure would love to see that increase to $1,000,000.

There’s nothing like getting some awesome games while donating your money to a charitable organization, right? You get to enjoy some new games while the kids affiliated with Child’s Play also get to enjoy some new games with the money you donated. Humble Bundle is a fantastic organization that is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Child’s Play every time a new bundle is announced. I’d really encourage everyone to head on over to give them a donation, every dollar counts (and of course, don’t be that guy that donates a quarter just to get all the minimal games in the bundle).

Has anyone gotten the Humble Bundle yet? What games are you enjoying on your Android device? Let us know in the comments below!

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