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Humble Bumble: Buy Five Awesome Android Games For Anything You Wish to Pay

Humble Bumble is an awesome initiative put forward to play great cross-platform games by paying whatever you wish to pay, no matter how small is the amount. Not only that, but the amount you pay is shared between charity, developers and the Humble Bumble team.

Nearly, 74780 bundles have been sold so far and with the concept becoming popular, the numbers are bound to increase sooner than later.

Humble Bumble offers games which are compatible with all platforms- Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The site offers an awesome combination of Five Popular Android Games, which currently are: Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP BEAT, SpaceChem, Uplink and Spirits. However to avail the fifth game- Spirits, you would need to pay more than average of $6.12, which I think is a great deal. The price of all these games combined rounds up to 52$.  Also considering the fact that Space Chem alone costs 6$, you simply cannot ask for a better bargain.

You can even purchase these games for $1, $2 or no matter what you wish to pay. You can also choose how you wish to split the revenue between Developers, Charity and Humble Bumble guys, who are providing you such an amazing package.

If you pay at least $1, you can also avail the Steam key and DRM-free downloads. The key that you buy can be used to play games on Steam on Windows and Mac platforms. Besides, Humble Bumble is widely praised for its DRM-free applications which are capable of running on almost all platforms.

Besides buying amazing games at nearly a throw-away price, you also get to do some charity. Humble Bumble has tied up with various charity foundations like the Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

This according to us is an excellent initiative put forward to encourage people to buy apps. People would be happier to know that they are getting apps for almost nothing (or anything) and even happier to know that the money they’re paying is going for a more noble cause.

Head over to Humble Bumble website now to catch this amazing offer.

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