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HTC’S New 10 Inch Tablet Appears

Here’s something that I certainly didn’t expect. While we all knew that HTC was creating a tablet, we sure didn’t know that it’d be looking close to an iMac with an iOS-like interface. The company’s supposed 10 inch tablet has made it into the hands of the public with several leaked photos coming from a twitter user known as @evleaks. The design is very interesting, but when it is put in landscape mode the untrained eye will instantly be able to resemble the device with an iMac, which just might not be very good for HTC when Apple comes along with the ban hammer.

As you can see, the tablet offers a very slick and slim design along with a thicker bezel around the bottom where the front facing camera sits. I can’t completely confirm this, but it also does look like it’ll be running HTC’s Sense interface. That said, has HTC made their Sense interface available for tablets now too? That’d be interesting as I think they’d probably have some future ideas for tablets if they went all out on a Sense design for that type of device.

What’s also interesting is it’s like they’ve also taken the design of the Transformer Pad and integrated it too. So you could say it’s a Transformer Pad and iMac hybrid design. It does look nice, but is definitely far from having any sort of uniqueness. I do wonder if this tablet is going to find itself competing with the likes of the ASUS Transformer Pad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.0. If it does, I can’t imagine it’d do so well with other companies already having a pretty heavy foothold in the market. I mean, it’s already pretty risky for Sony since most everyone that’s interested in a tablet already has one, whether it be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.0 or the Nexus 7. We’ll just have to see how it all ends playing out for HTC.

I’m kind of curious as to whether or not we’ll be seeing an announcement on this tablet at IFA. They’re already planning to debut the HTC One X+ at IFA so it would only make sense to at least announce that they have a tablet in the making. At the very least, it’d be some good publicity for the device with all the people there already interested in the gadgets these companies have to show off.

If it does launch fairly soon, I am kind of worried that Apple will come along and decide to ban it in U.S markets due to similarities. They’ve already proved they can do that with Samsung’s devices, so we know they own the patents and the Jury is obviously on Apple’s side because they simply own the patents. Hopefully I’m wrong and this tablet really goes far.

Is anyone interested in getting a 10 inch tablet from HTC? I’m not so sure I would, I tend to lean more towards ASUS and Sony when it comes to some new technology. I don’t think I would go with HTC.


source: Talk Android


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