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HTC Windows Phone 8 Slated to be Revealed in 3rd Week of September

Recent reports are suggesting HTC is going for early September launching of its first HTC Windows Phone 8 device. After dreadful three-quarter revenue results, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC revealed that it is planning to release its own version of Windows Phone but with focus set on quality more than others.

Just before the rumors of Windows Phone 8 started, there have already been reports indicating that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) might release their devices running on Microsoft’s latest mobile OS before the official release of Windows Phone 8. Among the strongest contenders in the market are Acer, Asus and Dell. But just recently, financially-troubled HTC revealed its plan to be among the pioneering companies to adapt to rising WP8 market.

HTC is reportedly going to launch its Windows Phone 8 device in the third week of September. And if this is true, the manufacturer could become one of the few OEMs to feature the x86-based mobile operating system before the official global release of the software.

Earlier this year, HTC was rumored to release three different models of devices running on Windows Phone 8 with “Zenith” being the flagship, while the “Rio” and “Accord” being on the lower segment of the market. Prior reports also said that Zenith is most likely to be seen in action in the last quarter of the year making early September launching as the appropriate time to let hopefuls know what’s coming.

If reports were accurate and HTC will unveil its Windows Phone 8-powered devices before the official launching of iPhone 5, then it confirms reports suggesting that a small band of manufacturers are trying to undermine the next generation iPhone sales.

Logically so, early unveiling of Windows Phone 8-operated devices would be a better help financially-troubled companies like HTC. But the question is, are these companies ready to compete with the Cupertino-based tech titan? Or, does Windows Phone 8 have what it takes to be referred to as “worthy competitor” to iPhone?

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