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HTC Wildfire S Gets CM10 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update

Taiwanese phone maker HTC only confirmed two devices that would surely get an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean—the One X and One S. Owners of HTC devices other than these two are left wondering whether they will soon receive an update or not. XDA Developers, however, found a way to port Google’s latest version of Android to HTC Wildfire S via Cyanogen MOD 10 firmware package. 

Average smartphone users may not be so happy about this news knowing that flashing a custom firmware into a phone is risky and require above average knowledge of the hardware-software match-up. Besides that, it would also void the warranty of the device. People who are willing to take the risk, however, end up being among the first few ones to try the new system.

Among the promised features of this update are the following:

OTA Updates Made Available via Goo Manager. Everyone knows custom ROMs couldn’t get official over the air updates but with the use of this app, users can get updates up to the latest build. GooManager Beta is currently available at Google Play Store but it is advised that only rooted users would use this or at least, those who understand how it works on a smartphone device.

Theme Manager. User interfaces as well as graphics are essential to making a phone much desirable. This feature apparently enables users to change, add, remove and manage themes in their Wildfire S. Normally, theme managers are offered only to devices running Cyanogen MOD ROMs so it’s not a surprise seeing this feature.

Notification Bar Toggles. Jelly Bean comes with many ways to manage the Notification Bar and CM10 Jelly Bean update for Wildfire S is on the course to matching what the official firmware may offer, perhaps even better.

Lock Screen Shortcuts & Weather. The developer of this firmware is actually trying to produce a ROM as close to the official firmware as possible. One of the things which are notably being patterned from the official ROM is the way users can manage lock screen shortcuts.

Cyanogen MOD 10 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware is still a “work in progress” thus, as of the writing of this report, there are many bugs than features. The developer, known only as “benjamingwynn” on XDA Developers forum, promised to bring the full functionality of official Jelly Bean to this ROM with some cool features added. You may visit the forums for instructions on how to flash the custom ROM to HTC Wildfire S.

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