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HTC to Cut Prices of Android and WP7/WP8 Smartphones


HTC apparently has decided to slash prices of its Android and WP7/WP8 smartphones so as to boost sales in the market. HTC hasn’t had a great time in the market lately with Samsung ruling the Android eco system and Windows Phone 7 sales faltering steadily. HTC which boasted of Windows Phones like the Mozart, HD7, Radar etc is going through a major slump. Maybe the lack of smartphones in the market is to blame, but things certainly don’t look good for the company unless it is willing to take some drastic measures. The company’s performance in the Android sphere is even more disappointing, with HTC droids accounting for a mere 10% of the total Android smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2012 according to a report from Gartner. All of this resulted in HTC shares taking a fall of about 80% since last year according WMPU. If the company keeps this up, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to stand on its own feet in a couple of years from now. Needless to say, the shareholders are not happy with the company’s progress and are believed to have suggested a price reduction in all existing smartphones to attract more buyers.

It is important to note that HTC wasn’t without chances. Given that the company was the first to bring a Tegra 3 based smartphone to the market, many would say that the Taiwanese giant missed a trick with the highly anticipated One X. With the kind of money that the company spent on marketing/advertising for the One X shortly after its announcement, one would have expected it to go a long way. But like with the HTC Sensation, the One X wasn’t without its fair share of glitches. And before HTC could even consider fixing them, the Galaxy S III hit the shelves and completely overshadowed the One X in the process. Something similar happened last year when the Sensation and the Galaxy S II were launched.

So with the price cut on the horizon now for existing and upcoming WP7/WP8 and Android smartphones, things could be much better. The heavily hyped Beats Audio partnership hasn’t won a lot of fans either. And since HTC has to pay a fair amount in licensing fees for making use of the Beats Audio branding, the company decided to cut down on Beats based smartphones. So what next for HTC?

Well, the company has high hopes on Windows Phone 8 based smartphones and if HTC manages to keep a low price tag, mass appeal is guaranteed. However, there are other OEMs out there willing to do the same, so there’s merely a tiny sliver of hope for HTC. It is unfortunate how a company like HTC which at a time was one of the premier Android smartphone manufacturers, is losing market share at the speed of light. There is hope for a revival though, and the folks at HTC Corp seem optimistic. We never know what the company might pull off at the last minute, so all hopes are riding on that.

Source: Unwired View

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