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HTC Remains Confident Against Apple

HTC Corp. has declared its confidence in its own capability to create innovative products, even as it faces a lawsuit against Apple, Inc. This announcement from the Taiwanese company comes several days after a jury found that Samsung  Electronics Co. violated six out of seven Apple-owned patents, such as several involving product design and utility. This cost the Korean company at least $1.04 billion in damages, which may still increase after a federal judge issues a ruling.

Apple also filed a similar patent infringement case against HTC in the United States International Trade Commission. The lawsuit against HTC involves two patents that were likewise present in the Samsung vs. Apple case.

One of these is the 381 patent, or “bouncing back when scrolling beyond the edge of a page,” whereas the other is the 915 patent, pertaining to “using a single finger to scroll or two fingers to zoom into content with a reverse-pinch gesture.”

According to an analyst from Deutsche Bank, however, HTC may easily address the concern regarding software design. Moreover, the Taiwanese company is predicted to remain strong even if Apple wins the case. HTC is said to have a strong research and development team which will allow it to be stable whether or not the court finds it guilty of violating patents. The initial ruling for the HTC vs. Apple case is scheduled on November 7.

Meanwhile, HTC is continuing to develop its other product offerings. For instance, the company is scheduled to launch several handsets running on Windows Phone 8 towards the end of the year.

These new product offerings have great potential for HTC as such handsets sport fewer similarities with the iPhone. Microsoft could moreover assist HTC with the marketing.

Samsung’s loss to Apple in the patent suit is expected to have a ripple effect across the smartphone industry. It could prompt the increase of Android smartphone prices. This could be good news for HTC, or at least their Windows Phone 8 devices, along with the other manufacturers creating phones with said operating system.

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