HTC Moves to China to Regain Lead in Mobile Market

HTC, a Taiwanese phone maker will move its market to China with a goal to regain and increase market sales in the country. Latest reports said HTC struggles to compete against Apple and Samsung in Southeast Asia and South America. Additionally, the company purportedly experiences a declining market in this area and hopes that their market share in China will boost, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As Smartphone’s sale continues to grow, HTC is expecting to sell 300 million units by 2015. This is according to HTC’s head of China operations, Ray Yam. Yam added that since he joined HTC in the last two years, 2,700 branded counters have already been added in to their list and that by the end of 2012, the company aims to raise it up to 3,500 counters. He further stressed that the company needs to spread out advantages over its rivals in order to do better in the market sales competition. Yam however, admitted that they still cannot compete with Samsung’s 6,000 counters for now.

Latest reports said that HTC is up to producing new models that will help Chinese people deal with certain issues. Aside from this, the company is also aiming to develop partnership with the largest social-media in China so as to promote their products in the Chinese community. HTC will then utilize a sales model based on devices that offer the same prices as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy.

Mr. Yam, in an interview, positively asserts that the company seizes all the elements to success, yet they still have to be prudent in their every move in order to make things right. He further noted though, that it may have to take a few years of effort before hitting their objectives. Apparently, HTC aims to become one of the top two brands in China, based on revenue, by 2015.

HTC’s shift to China’s market is one clear indication of the company’s willingness to sustain in smartphone market. It is also a tip-off that despite the declining market sales, HTC is still up to compete not just against the two giant phone makers, Samsung and Apple, but also with other local entrants who are looking forward to move from low-end smartphones to higher end ones. This would include companies like Huawei, ZTE Corp. and Lenovo Group Ltd.

While branded products already seize an edge, majority, if not all mobile consumers will still gauge on the features and benefits they can get from the product they are about to purchase. Hence, as the competition for market sales on smartphone grows, phone makers ought to focus on developing gadgets that are a lot beneficial to all mobile consumers rather than just for luxury.

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